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the hardware companion of MadMapper

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Included with your miniMad

  • One 16 GB micro SD-card pre-installed, including the software and a micro-SD to SD-card adapter.
  • One power supply 100-240V
    • Raspberry Pi 2 based
    • 7 physical control buttons
    • 5V 2A power supply
    • 1x HDMI output up to 1080p
    • Size 10x9x3 cm
    • OSC support
    • Mapped video file up to 1080p25
    • Unmapped video file up to 1080p30
    • Quad, Triangle, Circle and Mask surfaces
    • MeshWarping
    • Up to 30 units synchronization
    • Artnet through Ethernet or DMX usb
    • DHCP or manual IP configuration
    • Up to 64 Artnet universes

Designed to play back your MadMapper setups,
with automatic network synchronization for multi-projection
or DMX / Artnet output to control lighting and LED equipment.

MiniMad makes your installation easy and affordable.

MiniMad is a dedicated plug-and-play device designed to work with MadMapper.

It hooks up to a projector and plays movie files on surfaces exported from MadMapper. Put your expensive and bulky computers out of a job.

Small by size but feature rich

With the tiny MiniMad, you export quad, triangle circle or mask surfaces as well as their content from a selected projector in MadMapper. Or you can switch the MiniMad to lighting mode and output DMX/Artnet channel data to your light fixtures.

Discreet and Autonomous

The MiniMad can run on its own for a very long time: we have one unit in the lab running for more than a year ! In case of a power failure, the MiniMad will automatically restart without any user intervention. All the mapping modifications you do are automatically saved on the SD-Card!

Team Power

Multiple MiniMads can be synchronized with each other over ethernet to make a cluster of synchronized video players. Zero configuration needed! MadMapper will automatically split movies and optimize files for playback !

Main Features

Automatic Synchronisation

of video media playback when multiple MiniMads
are connected to the same ethernet network

In-Depth Quality Export

Precise video export controls for the geeks

up to 64 universes

for ArtNet/DMX

Autonomous playback

of content recorded from MadMapper

MultiChannel Audio

when using Light mode

Native Video Playback

up to 1080p30 in optimal conditions

Physical controls

with friendly buttons to tweak your mapping directly on location

Video or Light

2 playback modes available

VideoWall easy setup

one click full automated process

Zero configuration

as simple as that

Playback modes

Loop, random, list … configure your MiniMad to playback your videos the way you want it !

Mesh Warping and Perspective Pinning

with adjustable manual controls

Remote control

your MiniMads directly from MadMapper


The video-mapping software

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