The laser extension for MadMapper

Artist friendly toolkit

Ease of use yet precise controls


Once purchased, MadLaser can be installed on any MadMapper 5 system.

Compatible with MacOs 10.13+ minimum and Windows 10+ minimum. Requires MadMapper to run.

Demo Version

The perfect license for testing
and learning Madlaser


  • All MadLaser features
  • Watermarked video output and input
  • Dmx channels blackout every 30 seconds
  • Laser output blacked out every 120s

The perfect license for
standalone installations

From 19€/month excl tax

  • All MadLaser features
  • A temporary license that will work with any current or future versions of MadLaser
  • Requires MadMapper 5 to run
  • Requires MadMapper 5 to run

The perfect license
for artists

From 199€ excl tax

  • All MadLaser features
  • A license that works forever within the current 5.xx MadMapper version
  • Requires MadMapper 5 to run

So you think you've been through all MadMapper possibilities ?
Give MadLaser a go and get full laser control at your fingertips.
This new tool will boost your creativity !

Next level show

Spice up your performances

Unlimited laser outputs

As many as your computer can handle.

Multi Hardware

Adapts to any situations.

Laser bezier lines

Ultra precise vector graphics.

Laser text rendering

with single line Stick Fonts support

3D object rendering

from .OBJ format
(available from MadMapper 5.2)

Realtime video vectorisation

hardware accelerated image analysis and processing

Ilda files

import / export

Vector Materials

Realtime shader based

Up to 100 kpps scanners

High definition graphics

Laser mesh warping

Precisely fit your content to real surfaces
with professionnal warping tools.

Laser Soft Edge

on laser quads

Laser Dispatch

spread complex content over multiple lasers

Laser Visualisation

support for Capture, Depence2 & WYSIWYG

MadLaser full specifications

Intuitive user interface / Artist-friendly / Fast Learning curve

Native MadMapper integration

  • Blends seamlessly into MadMapper
  • Use Midi Osc Dmx Usb Arduino with MadLaser
  • Unlimited Bezier Masks
  • Laser Mesh Warping
  • Laser Bezier Lines
  • Bezier text with Stroke Font support
  • Laser surfaces FX
  • In-app ARM laser button
  • In-app laser output statistics
  • Laser beam preview
  • 32 bit in-app laser precision (output limited by DAC)
  • Laser soft edge
  • Laser generators
  • Dispatching of laser content to multiple lasers
  • Laser output sendable to external previsualisation apps

Laser Projector

  • Unlimited laser projectors
  • Laser projector Masking
  • Laser projector safety zone
  • Configurable laser FPS output
  • Configurable scanner PPS up to 100k
  • Advanced Laser controls: blanking, point repeat

Hardware support

  • Etherdream
  • ShowNet
  • Helios USB
  • FB3/FB4 on Windows (Pangolin Beyond license required)
  • Moncha
  • AVB / Dante
  • LaserCube
  • More hardware support in the future

File IO

  • ILDA frame / stream input + output
  • SVG file support
  • OBJ mesh wire rendering to laser

Image Vectorization

  • Gpu accelerated realtime vectorization
  • Custom vector engine based on openCV
  • Works with any MadMapper supported image-based media
  • Support for Paths and Contours
  • Support for color sampling
  • Convert vectorized image to editable vector path
  • Angle optimisations
  • Laser polyline filtering and limiting

Laser Materials

  • Generative shader-based materials (GLSL)
  • In-app live shader editing
  • Design draw order prioritisation
  • Feedback support for damping effects
  • Numerous free laser materials through the library

Software Integrations

  • Depence 2
  • Capture
  • OpenFrameworks/ C++ with PONK protocol

The power of light

Steer photons directly from MadMapper.
Pew pew pew !


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