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MadMapper is the advanced tool
for video and light mapping

Fast and Easy to use


The ultimate video mapping tool

Map unlimited number of video on any real life surface
Use as many projectors as your graphic card can handle.
Conform to a 2D or 3D production pipeline.
Daisy chain workstations on the network through NDI.

The perfect light mapping tool

Control LED arrays or any number of DMX fixtures in realtime.
Feed them with video content, or generative materials !
You can even control moving lights with pixel content.

Connect everything together

Use Syphon/Spout, Midi, NDI, OSC, DMX, Artnet, sACN, HID devices, Teensy or Audio Analysis to connect to any MadMapper parameter Live.

New Features

MadMapper 4.0 features a completely redesigned bezier masking system, unlimited previews to better suit live situations, better tools integration, modules and dozens of various improvments over previous version…

… on Mac and Windows !

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MiniMad, the hardware companion of MadMapper
Controls the light or the video!


designed to playback your MadMapper setups,
with automatic network synchronisation for multi-projection,
DMX output to control lighting equipment,
and in-app controller module to cue dozens of units from within MadMapper !


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Latest blog post

Learn how to connect your Arduino Uno to MadMapper 4, plugin sensors and actuators There’s also a PDF guide available on Yourspace + MadMapper Help Menu / Guides !

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