About us

MadMapper is the video mapping software made by artists for artists !

Created and developed by 1024 architecture and GarageCube since 2010, the concept of MadMapper emerged during an after party at the mapping festival in Geneva, when Frz from 1024 and Boris from GarageCube discussed about how to properly map a visual content in realtime, in realspace. Together they started to imagine the fondation of MadMapper.

Indeed, MadMapper was born from the encounter between an artistic label - 1024 - and a software developpement company - GarageCube -.
The essence of the software is coming from this deep relationship between artistic needs and technical solutions to make the dream happen.
The core idea is to make the technical aspect of a digital installation as easy as possible, in order to focus on the creative matter rather than to spend hours on the setup.

MadMapper is an easy to use yet powerfull tool to map video into the space, control lights and led bars, and, since version 5, to control and use laser beams in the same funny way and process.

Headed by 1024 in Paris / France and GarageCube in Geneva / Switzerland, the mad team grows up with a developper dream-team based in Brussels / Belgium and an international community of mad users. The software is now used worldwide by countless visual and digital artist, scenographers, stage designers, Vjs, and many others creative people to produce smart digital art installation or big shows in Las Vegas !

MadMapper is the tool that we dreamed of.

Be mad and enjoy !
The MAD team.


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