MadMapper Yourspace is no more!

MadMapper v5 is out, and it comes with a brand new website, featuring a shop and an embedded license manager.

Authorising and using your MadMapper v1, v2, v3 and v4 on your computer doesn't change.

However, in order to download versions, manage or upgrade your license, you must create a user-account on, then import your license's serial number in the Licenses page.

MadMapper v5 comes with exciting new features, including MadLaser!

MadMapper v5 Library is independant from MadMapper v3 and v4 Library.
If you published resources using v3 or v4 and would like to link those resources to your MadMapper account and the new Library, please contact MadMapper Support.

Contact MadMapper Support if you have any question or problem importing or using your license.