SSWIII creates FREE VJ Clips and release them for free to the creative community under a creative commons license.

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You can download his free vj package, Genesis 10.0 on one click here. Here is his VJ Loops on Vimeo.

SSWIII is an artist, a designer, a motion graphic designer, and a visual performer! He is absolutely happy to share his vj clips with and be apart of the projection mapping, live visual creative community.

Also check out his everyday 3d art (365-design, a day project) for here .


‘Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping Workshop 7th Edition learn The next  MadMapper & Modul8 workshop will be set at Apiary Studios, London 25th to 26th JULY 2015.


The 2 day workshop is divided in 6 sections.

1- Introduction. ‘Son et lumiere’, live cinema, videomapping installation.
2- Study of multiple video-mapping projects.
3- Learning multiple techniques and applying them using the different spaces and structures. The use of 2D a 3D projection mapping.
4- Projection mapping on different surfaces.
5- Control lights with Madmapper.
6- Creation and presentation of a specific group project.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to create various projections simultaneously,  shape light into objects and spaces, project manage and connect with local and international communities.This workshop is for visual artists, graphic designers, architects and anybody interested.


PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE from 1024 on Vimeo.

MadMapper proves itself again in the highly capable hands of its co-creators 1024architecture. One of the things I have always liked about the work of this team is how accessible and expressive it is. More importantly, and as it should be, the mapping segment of the production process is greatly reduced allowing the team to focus on the experience of the audience, as is in plane view in this excellent documentation. Extra brownie points for the humorous element that is especially present in this particular work, not to mention the simple and effective interactivity. For more technical information about the project see the blog entry on the 1024architecture blog.

1024architecture tests a church mapping
As we move forward with development of the Mad Mapper our deadlines are neatly tied to the deadlines of projects created by 1024 architecture. The current project is fairly straight forward but no less dazzling then what this team is known for.