Dear users,
We’re pleased to share with you this new tutorial about the miniMAD,
In which we show you how to set up a video wall using 28 units!
The video also includes the step by step process commented by Pierre who’s in charge for the miniMAD’s development.

A lot of improvements are coming soon for the miniMAD by the way!
Stay tuned for the next MadMapper v4 version, which be released by the end of this year (hopefully),
Also, with the new Raspberry we do hope as well to offer a new, upgraded version of the miniMAD product in the future (but that will require a lot of work and hard-testing).
Until then, enjoy this tutorial!

Posted on Sep 25, 2019 in Tech

Frame Perspective is a 30m long luminous installation consisting of frames and LEDs. The natural perspective of the structure is enhanced by an organic light composition, like a breath or a wave.
Frame Perspective resonates with its environment and its scale and rhythm, creating a physical relationship and then involving the viewer in a proper temporality.

Olivier Ratsi worked on this project presented at the Constellations de Metz festival with Thomas Vaquié. Pierre Guilluy from the garageCube team also tested an upcoming feature for the miniMAD, stay tuned!

Posted on Juin 26, 2019 in Artists

 “Madmapper changed the way that we were making mappings, things get easier.”

By VJ Eletroiman

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
VJ Eletroiman: Hi, my name is Ricardo Cançado, aka VJ Eletroiman, and since 2000 I am working with VJing,  stage design, audiovisual performance and in the last years I was dedicated to Video-Mapping techniques.

Since the beginning of 2003, I am developing a Live AV called Representa Corisco. This project was based on an imagery inspired by the Brazilian popular culture and it explores political and social issues through the iconography of the “cangaço” movement and one of its characters: Corisco. After so many years developing this project, now I present a 45 minutes performance with animations that mix video with other techniques including photography, drawing, 3D, and 2D animation.


MadMapper 2.2.5 Update

Thanks to users feedback we are pleased to announce that MadMapper has been updated to  version 2.2.5.

+ Updated to MiniMad 1.1.2

* fixed prevent from Keyboard controls to trigger while editing a text field

* Fixed issue when resizing fixture definition dialog when the grid is huge and there are scrollbars

* Improved smoothness of Syphon inputs with AMD drivers (i.e. MacPro)

* When “Output / Cursor” is activated, the cursor was moving choppy if no media was updating (i.e. when using only pictures)

* Fixed possible memory leak using videos with HAP codec
* MadMapper User Interface could become slow to react when using Syphon with lots of surfaces depending on graphic driver (introduced in 2.2.3)

MadMapper & miniMAD Press Conference at Gaîté Lyrique also Live Stream –  28/10 19:19 CET.

1024 architecture and GarageCube are glad to announce MadMapper 2 and MiniMad Official release and Press conference at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris !! if you are in Paris this day you can join us at the venue. This event it starts up at 19h19.

If you can’t be there, this event will be broadcasted live on

This presentation will be in french language and will cover

  • MadMapper 2 new features
  • miniMAD Official release presentation
  • Announce of MadMapper Lite




minMAD has been unveiled at the Mapping Playground workshop during the Mapping Festival 2015.

[metaslider id=4170]


miniMAD is an amazing all-in-one video mapping dedicated hardware.
Easy to use, small and inexpensive for your future installations.

Create your video mapping project in MadMapper*,  export it to a SD card then play it directly with the miniMAD device : No need to buy additional costly Apple computers!!  No need to buy extra madmapper licenses.

Take your miniMAD wherever you want! Plug it to a HDMI video projector and Voila!

You can adjust video mapping points,
picture and play different media with a single finger !

you can Pre-Order The miniMAD now  from the garagecube shop :


The Mad team will be once again at the Mapping Festival (May 7-17 2015) . During the next edition of the Mapping festival, the MAD team will  unveil new products and great new features during the Mapping Playground workshop :

Introducing miniMAD
MadMapper in your pocket !! We are excited to introduce the  MiniMAD Device , the first all-in-one video Mapping device that fits in your pocket.


minMAD device - white

MadMapper 2.0 will be presented during  the Mapping playground.



Registrations are open for the next workshops of Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture (May 7 to 17 2015).

Check for informations and registration.

DEADLINE: April 5th 2015!