This year at the mapping festival, the whole MadTeam got together to offer a mega masterclass: 4 intensive sessions with the developers and creators of the wildest mapping software (conducted in English)

Material Hacking : FRZ gives you a deep introduction to programming shaders to make materials or FX for your surfaces. Get your ice packs ready and fix your aircon because your brains are going to heat up!

Arduino Firmata New Module : Moris from BadMapper shows you how to use sensors and control motors with MadMapper. All this without a single line of programming! A real child’s play, thanks to the new version 4.1 of MadMapper and the integration of Firmata!

Programming with Cues : Mad Matt shows you how to use Cues to program fixed installations, interactive setups or live sessions. Cues and modules offer a lot of possibilities to set up your installation. We go through different configurations with concrete examples

Mastering MiniMad : Gorgull finally allows you to deepen your knowledge on the MiniMad, through the discovery of the latest features of MiniMad Video and MiniMad Light, as well as the best practices to setup installations that will run for months without maintenance

Here’s a live stream of the MadMapper 4 presentation masterclass shot during the Mapping Festival 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland

Many new features were covered but we made chapters available in the video description

We hope that all this will make you want to dive into MadMapper 4 😉

The AVExciters team did it again!

Here’s a couple of pictures + a video of their latest lighting installation Wings v2. An epic one as usual, using VDMX, Quartz Composer and of course MadMapper & modul8.
Report by @y_kwis

Check out the amazing live audio visual performances by SUBHAZE Studio, using MadMapper!

In collaboration with musicians and engineers, the 2 founders create immersive and gorgeous AV live performances in various venues.
And they do create awesome installations as well!


“SUBHAZE is the collaboration of composer Ricardo Romaneiro & visual artist Christian Hannon exploring the connection between sound & light in various media.
The project explores electronic soundscapes with classical techniques, performance and multimedia design.





Together they create immersive concerts and installations with an array of artists & venues creating an audiovisual experience that transcends the traditional forms of presentation.”

All pictures and media © SUBHAZE Studio

Links :

Dear users,
We’re pleased to share with you this new tutorial about the miniMAD,
In which we show you how to set up a video wall using 28 units!
The video also includes the step by step process commented by Pierre who’s in charge for the miniMAD’s development.

A lot of improvements are coming soon for the miniMAD by the way!
Stay tuned for the next MadMapper v4 version, which be released by the end of this year (hopefully),
Also, with the new Raspberry we do hope as well to offer a new, upgraded version of the miniMAD product in the future (but that will require a lot of work and hard-testing).
Until then, enjoy this tutorial!

Take a glance at the amazing lighting installation by Cosmopop & VEM Visionemotion for the Time Warp 2019 !

They succeed to exploit the huge floor 7 of the famous festival by creating a massive setup :
No less than 5 488 LED slices were used, which represents 38 760 LED pixels for 228 DMX universes.
They used MadMapper on 2 computers for the pixelmapping and another computer was running MadMapper for vjing with live generated content
(Plus content distribution over NDI and 28 MADRIX nebula)

Pascal Bach from VEM who was also the light and visual operator, kindly shared with us several screenshots of his MadMapper MADLight’s settings :


Tremendous job !

Event pictures by Damiano Alessandri © Karmat Musci GmbH

Pascal Bach

VEM Visionemotion GmBH

Cosmopop GmbH

Time Warp Mannheim


After having mapped, among others, the Berlin Cathedral or the Centre Jujol-Can Negre in Barcelona, the artist Sinoca has now used MadMapper again to create an amazing experience called Kubrick’s Odyssey 2019 : a pioneering audiovisual mapping experience that has never been made in a cinema before.

The -unpublished- immersive video mapping created by the musical composer Roger Subirana and the visual artist Silvia Isach (Sínoca) is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ film.
This new show activates sensory stimuli thanks to the fusion of sound effects and music with images on two surfaces, the screen of the cinema and the monolith, creating a 3D space.

The video of the Kubrick’s Odyssey 2019 project at a cinema in Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) :

You can take a look at Sinoca’s other projects here :