SONPENDULAR is an aesthetic research about time and space, which invites the viewer to a ritual of light and sound, rich in geometric patterns and real time audio. The piece tells about transformation and impermanence, creating a portal in constant movement in which past, present and future dialogue as one.


The project consists of an audiovisual concert with immersive projection mapping, lighting and live music, designed to adapt to different architectural spaces. Its first exhibition was held on July 7, 2018 inside the Church of El Carmen Bajo de San Rafael in Independencia, Santiago de Chile, seeking to resignify and re-inhabit a patrimonial building that has been in disuse since 1958 and was declared a National Monument in 1983.


The sound consists on ambient electronic music, created from recordings and original compositions performed using Ableton Live and analog synthesizers. The visual and lighting work uses geometric patterns and a generative language designed in real time with Madmapper, Modul8 and TouchDesigner, seeking to enhance the architectural elements of the building.

Sergio Mora-Diaz is a new media artist and architect from Santiago, Chile. His work focuses on the development of immersive experiences, installations and live performances through the use of interactive media, projections and light, exploring the relationship between physical spaces, digital technologies and human perception.

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Posted on Juil 23, 2019 in Artists