MadMapper 2.1 can now control Arduino Compatible LED Strips .

LED output through an Arduino compatible device (Teensy 3.1). LEDs are 7 meters APA 102 (7*60=420 LEDs with 3 channels per LED). It could be any digital LED strip compatible with FastLED (ie ws2811 & ws2812). More info and arduino source here:

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DuckUnit, located in Bangkok -Thailand used Modul8 and MadMapper to create a video and light mapping on a massive 3D Head sculpture for the Blackhead Concert . The video report shows the making of the sculpture, Visual footage shooting ,and stage setup


DuckUnit-Handmade / 3D Projection Mapping on Head Sculpture-BlackHead Concert from DuckUnit on Vimeo.

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Think vertical!
MadMapper was used for the “Vertical Map” experimental audiovisual installation. this video installation was set in Marseille by the collective “illusion.research.light ”

VERTICALE MAP // ILLUSION RESEARCH LAB // VIDEO MAPPING from illusion.research.light on Vimeo.