BAM festival

Join the The first edition of the  BAM festival in Liège -Belgium – a  digital Art festival over 4 days of Installations, performances, Live, workshops, conferences.

The festival will take place from  the 30th of september – 3rd of October.

the programmation of this festival is amazing:  CENC – L.S.D. – Refraction – 1024 Architecture – Nonotak – IF  – Jacques André Dupont – Ronald Dagonnier – Mike Latona – VJ Jago – VJ Emiko – Fool Control – L.E.G. – Dominique Lombardo – Steve Buchanan – Thomas Tellier – Gyuri –

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3D LED FASHION and (some) VIDEO MAPPING WORKSHOP from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

The GarageCUBE Team is pleased to announce for the 10th edition of the 2014 Mapping Festival, an array of workshops where participants will learn techniques, exchange ideas with the Modul8 & MadMapper Creators, the wizard behind Syphon framework & many acclaimed international guests.

Check out the amazing workshops line up and register today!

Workshop 1: 3D LED fashion and (some) video mapping
Boris Edelstein (CH) GarageCube & François Wunschel (FR) 1024 Architecture

The creators of your favorite software, MadMapper, will explore during this 4 day workshop the full range of practical applications on LEDs and video mapping with the interventions of many other instructors…

Participants will design wearable LED costumes, design and control in realtime 3D LED shapes, and build a wireless LED controlled electronic kit and some special surprises…

Join this workshop and get:

  • 1 x Custom wireless LED transmiter and receiver Kit ( DIY)
  • 1 x MadMapper or Modul8 software license
  • Surprise Survival Kit
  • 1 x daily meal provided

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Custom DMX shield from Quentin Berthet for the 3D LED fashion workshop

Workshop 2 : Modul8 – Modules programming
Andy Teasdale (UK) & Gaël Abegg Gauthey (aka LUPIN ) (FR)

In this workshop you’ll learn to create Modules from scratch with the creator of (at) modules ( Gener8, Sound Router…) Andy Teasdale and Gael Abegg Gauthey, the Modul8 Modules manual author and (vs) & (lpn) modules (Layer Sequencer, CLEAR MediaSet,…).
Join this workshop and create a number of modules of varying complexity, and leave with the skills and inspiration to develop tailor made modules of your own.

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Workshop 3 : NY Mappathon
CHiKA (USA) with collaborators Anton Marini (USA), Tom Butterworth (UK) – Syphon, and David Lublin (USA) – VDMX.

A 3 day workshop focused on learning projection mapping: the participants will learn Modul8 and VDMX to feed animations and videos contents through Syphon, and learn MadMapper to project video onto physical surfaces, moving away from the traditional confines of the screen. By learning all these programs, participants can ultimately project video images onto sculptures and building facades. At the end of this workshop, participants will create a site specific projection mapping installation which will be shown to public during the 2014 Mapping Festival.

Join this workshop and get:

  • 1 x MadMapper or Modul8 or VDMX* software license
  • 1 x daily meal provided

*limited to 5

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Workshop 4 : Generative Physical Structure
Laurent Novac (CH) – GarageCube programmer in collaboration with the “Geneva Fab Lab” and a unique lecture given by Yetkin Yilmaz – Quantum Physics researcher, CERN.

The workshop is an exploration in the field of generative art and the use of physical principles for the generation of objects, both ‘implausible’ and ‘natural’. Participants in this workshop will make 3D prints of their creations.

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Workshop 5 : Mapping 2.0