A large multi-sensory exhibition devoted to electronic music will be held from Tuesday, April 9 until August 11, 2019 at The Philharmonie de Paris.


This major exhibition on electronic music through the exploration of its imagination, its innovations, its mythologies and its correspondence with the visual arts promises a fabulous journey through the different galaxies of electronic music.

From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk, from Jean-Michel Jarre to Jacques or Molécule, from Laurent Garnier to 1024 architecture, artists and musicians seized the exhibition to imagine a new experience, thus creating a new relationship to this music.

To tell the story of this great odyssey and its sprawling ramifications, the initiators came up with the idea of creating an immersive journey directed by the artists of 1024 Architecture, with the intention of plunging visitors into a total sensory experience mixing installations, sculptures, digital art, visual and sound effects, not forgetting the festive and eruptive aspect of rave parties.

Designers of scenography and MadMapper co-founders, 1024 Architecture presents several of these landmark works such as SQUARE Cube, whose model is presented in the exhibition, the WALKING Cube and Core.

– SQUARE Cube is a 6x6m cubic scaffolding structure covered by nets, on which visual graphics are projected. The concept is deliberately uncomplicated: the physical cube is reinvented, renewed, endlessly modified by its projected 3d model.
Minimal aesthetics, 8 bit world and anamorphous elements are the components of the show, created especially for Etienne de Crecy back in 2007.


– The WALKING Cube is an erratic structure, a simple cube brought to life by a series of mechanical agitations. When animated, it becomes a basic shape turned animal. Performing with twerks and tweaks, it grows and it shrinks, it folds and kinks.
The WALKING Cube is the result of a collaborative research exploring physical movement.
With the use of air-powered mechanics, a composition of diverse transformations is prepared and executed with brutal force. It’s a demonstration presenting the chaotic possibilities in the deconstruction of a common and minimal form.


– You can also take a glimpse at the CORE experience, an audiovisual light installation especially designed for the exhibition here: