MadMapper Frequently Asked Questions

General (18)

Is MadMapper available for Windows? 
Yes, MadMapper 4 is available on PC and requires at least Windows 10.
Please note that a 64 bit Windows systemis required to run MadMapper.
Please note as well that MadMapper 4 is not meant to run in a virtual machine.
For older system versions a MadMapper 4 build compatible with Windows 7- 8.1 64bit is also available on the MadMapper Yourspace page.
But this version is not as tested as the official builds on supported system versions.
It may also feature lower performance and limitations compared to official builds.
Is MadMapper available for Mac?
Yes, MadMapper 4 is available on MAC computers and requires at least macOS 10.12 Sierra.
MadMapper is fully compatible with macOS Catalina.
Please note as well that MadMapper 4 is not meant to run in a virtual machine.
For older system versions a MadMapper 4 build compatible with macOS 10.9 – 10.11 is also available on the MadMapper Yourspace page.
But this version is not as tested as the official builds on supported system versions.
It may also feature lower performance and limitations compared to official builds.
Is there a difference between the Mac and the Windows version?
The two versions are exactly identical with the exact same features.
Differences in software performance won’t be the result of your OS but of your computer’s resources.
Is it possible to purchase a single seat license?

Only rental licenses are for 1 computer.
Perpetual licenses are also for 1 seat but we’ve added a spare seat in case of computer failure during a performance/show.

Can I extend my license with additional seats?
It’s not possible to add seats to your existing license.
With the exception of your 20 seats’ licenses for which you must contact us directly through the support.
What are the minimum hardware requirements to run MadMapper 4?
You will need a computer with at least 300 MBof disk space and at least 2 GB of RAM and any GPU compatible with OpenGL 3.3 
For further configuration you’ll also need at least a 2-4 cores CPU, and at least 8gb of RAM.
SSD drive and a dedicated GPU are highly recommended as well.
What would be an optimal hardware configuration for MadMapper 4?
In order to take full advantage of the advanced features of MadMapper such as (heavy use of) the materials, wespecially recommend a good GPU, a good CPU and a fast hard drive.
For the Windows version, here’san example of recommended configuration:
CPU:  6-8 cores
GPU: Nvidia 20xx 
Harddrive: SSD NvMe M2
For the Mac version, we recommend MacBook Pros over standard MacBooks
Avoid Intel integrated GPUs and mechanical drives.
Do you have an Educational offer?
We do have an Educational Pricing that applies to students requiring MadMapper as part of their training or for research purposes.
Teachers, instructors and schools who use MadMapper software as part of their instruction are also eligible for this pricing.
To apply for an educational discount please contact us via
Can you apply for the Educational offer as an association / non-profit organization?

The Educational offer is restricted to students, teachers and schools. Please refer to the dedicated section.

What is the difference between the Educational and the Standard version?

There are no limitations for the Educational version of MadMapper, both versions are identical, although you are not allowed to use it for commercial use.

What is the difference between the full and the rental versions?

Both versions are identicalthe only difference it that the rental license is time limited while the full version is perpetual.

What is the difference between the full and the demo versions?
The demo version is a free version, its purpose is to try the software in order to figure out if it fits your needs or projects.
It is not a version aimed to professional work and it comes with several limitations:
A watermark is shown on input, output and output preview.
Loading/saving a project is disabled
Export to SVG/PNG/PDF is disabled
Spacial Scanner is limited and cropped to 1/4th of its resolution.
DMX lighting devices will blackout once every 30 seconds.
Material installation and publishing from the library is disabled.
Please note that it is not possible to authorize the demo version. Once you’ve purchasethe Full version, you can download the most recent version of MadMapper in Yourspace.
I was using the demo version and I just purchased the full version. Do I need to download another version?

Yes indeed, you need to go to on the MadMapper Yourspace page in order to download the latest full version of MadMapper.

Are updates and upgrades free or chargeable?
Updates within a version number are always free of charge.
Upgrades to a new version, e.g. from version to version 4, are paid ones.
How can I update or upgrade my license?

You can do so directly from from the MadMapper Yourspace page.

I just bought MadMapper but I did not receive a serial number.

You should indeed have received it a few minutes after your purchase on the e-mail used for the transaction. Make sure you look in the right email box as well as in your spams. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us via, we will respond quickly.

Where can I find the Release Notes?

The MadMapper Release Notes history can be downloaded in the MadMapper Yourspace page.

In which language(s) is MadMapper available?

The software is only available in English.

License troubleshooting (9)

How does the license work in order to install and use MadMapper?
To use the software you must first download the installation file from Yourspace.
This file will allow you to install MadMapper on your computer, then when you launch the program you will be asked for your license’s serial number and admin password.
You must be connected to the internet in order to activate MadMapper.
I don’t see where I can put my license’s serial number.
This means that you are probably using the DEMO version.
Whether you are a rental or perpetual license owner, you must download a full version of MadMapper from Yourspace.
MadMapper doesn’t recognize my serial number.
First make sure you are properly connected to the Internet.
Also check the accuracy of your serial number in the email you received after your purchase.
Finally, make sure that there are no blank spaces in the text field.
MadMapper tells me it can’t connect to the server to authorize the program.
Make sure you do not use internet connection blockers.
On macOS make sure that PROXY SOCKS is disabled in your System/Network Preferences.
If the error message persists, please contact us via
How do I de-authorize MadMapper?
For Mac users, you must go to the MadMapper Account Menu (top bar) and click on“De-authorize MadMapper”.
For Windows users, please click on “De-authorize MadMapper” as well, you’ll find the option in the Help menu.
A window inside the software will ask you to confirm with your computer’s Administrator password (leave it blank if you don’t have one).
A new window will appear with the message “the authorization was successfully removed”.
You can click on“ok”, MadMapper will close and you’ll be able to install it on a new computer with the same license.
The process is also detailed in this video.
I lost my licence’s serial number, where can I find it?

Please contact us on, providing relevant informations such as :
– full name
– any e-mail that could have been used
– any computer name that could have been linked to the licnse
– original invoice

My computer is no longer working or has been stolen, how do I remove it from my license?
If you no longer have access to one of your computer, you will not be able to de-authorize MadMapper from the software.
You must then use the remote reset procedure, available in Yourspace, which will allow you to remotely de-authorize a computer linked to your license.
This procedure is therefore an exceptional measure: you will have to wait a year before using a remote reset again.
I forgot to de-authorize my computer, what should I do?
If you forgot to de-authorize MadMapper before formatting, before reselling your computer, or for any other reason, you will no longer be able to do so directly from the software.
Same as the previous section, you must then use the remote reset procedure, through Yourspace, which will allow you to remotely de-authorize a computer linked to your license.
Keep in mind that this procedure is therefore an exceptional measure: you will have to wait a year before using a remote reset again.
I don’t have any more remote reset available, how can I de-authorize a computer?
In this case, we will be able to de-authorize the computer for you, only upon presentation of a relevant document relating to the repair or theft of your computer.
Contact us via for more information.

Video-Mapping (6)

I’m unable to run the MadMapper installation file / the installer seems broken (Mac/Windows)
If your installation file does not seem to work, we advise you to first make sure that your Internet connection is stable, without intermittency, then re-download the installation file from Yourspace.
For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via and provide us the following information: serial number of your license, downloaded version of MadMapper, version of your OS.
MadMapper crashes at program launch (macOS/Windows)
First, a couple of specific recommendations for Windows users :
-Make sure all your graphic card driver(s) are up to date.
-Make sure your Windows OS is up to date.
-Make sure you’re not running MadMapper from a virtual machine (also applies to Mac users).
-“Dell Backup and Recovery Manager” and “Nahimic Audio Software” can cause a crash on Windows, please double-check if they are installed on your computer.
-”Kinoni EpocCamPlug In” can cause a crash as well (macOS). We suggest to uninstall it or update to the latest version.
For both Mac and Windows users we also recommend to properly uninstall the software from your computer and then re-download and install the most recent version of MadMapper available in Yourspace.
If you are still experiencing a crash when starting the application, please send us a crash report. You can then contact us via


“Please activate MadMapper to install this material” (Mac/Windows)
If you get this error message while MadMapper is already activated please :
– Deactivate (deauthorize) MadMapper
– Reactivate (authorize) MadMapper
If the error message persists, please contact us on
Spatial Scanner issue with Canon cameras (Windows)
If you encounter issues with Spatial Scanner and your Canon camera, first check that the Canon Utility program is installed on your computer (C:\ProgramFiles(x66)\Canon)).
We’ve found that it’s causing problems with the spatial scanner and we can’t really do anything about it besides being always up to date with their latest SDK.
So uninstall Canon Utility and contact us via the support if you need further help.
Why MadMapper is not seeing my projector? (Mac/Windows)
That is certainly because screens are “mirrored”.
On Windows, you have to choose “Extend these displays” in Windows Display Settings.
OmacOS, in System Preferences / Displays, uncheck the “Mirror Displays” option.
If that doesn’t solve your issue, please contact us on
How can I get more help for a specific concern?
You can always create a post on the garageCube forum which is actively used by the team and the community.
You can also contact us at anytime on
Expect a slower response time on weekends.

LED-Mapping (6)

What are the minimum requirements to use LED with MadMapper?
You need a computer and a DMX or ArtNet controller. The choice of the controller will depend on how many LED you need to handle.
For the computer we recommend a good GPU for instance. More recommendations in the MadMapper general topic.
Can I use the MiniMad to control LED?
Yes, since version 3.1 MadMapper is able to export recorded DMX sequences to the MiniMad : one MadMapper license is required to export the light mapping compositionto the MiniMad device.
More information are available on the MiniMad page.
Which controller do I need?
For 1 universe (512DMX channel), the classic USB-DMX controller by garageCube is enough.
Above 1 universe you’ll need an ArtNet controller which can support multiple universesor you can use the MadMapper 4 DMX Router module to use multiple USB DMX controllers.
Although for serious installations with multiple universes, we strongly recommend using ArtNet.
What is the maximum of universes supported by MadMapper in ArtNet?

MadMapper supports Artnet 4, so it can address universes 0-32767 with a software limitation to 16384 universes.

Lighting and DMX

We do have a youtube video playlist on our MadMapper channel, covering the basics of DMX controls, the LED bar setup, the custom light fixture, the use of the LED scanner and the miniMad’s DMX playback.

Where can I find more ressources?

More ressources are available on our support system Knowledge base.
Guides are now also available in the Yourspace page or directly from the MadMapper 4 help menu.

miniMAD (11)

Do I need MadMapper to use the MiniMad?
MadMapper is required to export the video or light mapping to the MiniMad device.
Once exported, the MiniMad will playback your content autonomously.
How many MadMapper licenses do I need to use multiple MiniMad units?

You only need one MadMapper license, which allows you to use as many MiniMads as you want.
The process of exporting projects to the 
MiniMad‘s SD card is unlimited.

Can I replace MadMapper with a MiniMad?
The MiniMad is the little brother of MadMapper: it is not intended to replace it but to be used as an alternative for Video or Light projects.
It is particularly appreciated for standalone installations or creative projects, but it does not have all the feature set of MadMapper.
For how long can I run the MiniMad without rebooting it ?

The MiniMad, if running on an Industrial Grade SD card and well aired, should run a very long time.
We’ve had units running for more than a year in suitable environments.

Can I used soft-edge (edge blending) with the MiniMad?
The MiniMad doesn’t do soft-edge / edge blending but it can play many video outputs in sync (we did set up an installation with 30 MiniMad for instance).
If you need critical soft-edge, you’d better use a computer with MadMapper and several video outputs.
Soft-edge requires MadMapper and a computer with all the video-outputs running from the same graphics card (GPU) to unsure perfect-synchronization.
Can I playback video and light at the same time from one MiniMad unit?

You currently can’t playback video AND light at the same time from one MiniMad, you would have to use 2 different units.

How many DMX channels are supported by the MiniMad?

At the moment 64 DMX universes are supported by the device. Which means 32 768 channels.

Can I output to multiple projectors with the MiniMad?
The MiniMad has a single HDMI output so it can output to only one projector.
Basically you’ll need as many MiniMad units as you have projectors.
Multiple MiniMadwill automatically synchronize themselves when connected to the same ethernet network.
Why would I need an Industrial Grade SD-card ?

In some situations where space is limited, the MiniMad units might get hot.
If too hot for a long time, data corruption may appear on entry level SD-card.
In these situations we advise you to use an Industrial/Military grade SD card.
Such cards will allow you to run your installation for a very long time.

How will the MiniMad behave after a power cut?
The MiniMad does support power cuts and failures, it will restart by itself once the power is back.
However, we advise to make a clone of your SD-card(s) in case a data corruption happens that could prevent the MiniMad from starting.
How can I schedule the starting time of my MiniMad?

For now, the easiest way to schedule the MiniMad is to use a power plug with a timer : it will power the MiniMad on and off at desired hours of the day.