MadMapper Frequently Asked Questions

General (9)

Is MadMapper available for Windows? 
Yes, MadMapper 3 is available for PCs from Windows 8.1  up to Windows 10.
Please note that a 64 bit version is required to run MadMapper.
Please note as well that MadMapper 3 is not meant to run in a virtual machine.
Is MadMapper available for Mac?
Yes, MadMapper 3 is available for Macs running macOS 10.9 Mavericks” up to the latest macOS version.
Please note that MadMapper 3 is not meant to run in a virtual machine.
What are the minimum hardware required to run MadMapper 3?
You can run madMapper on a Mac or PC. You will need a computer with least 300 Mo of disk space and at least 2 GB  RAM and a any GPU compatible with OpenGL 3.3 (to get the best of MadMapper we recommend a computer with SSD Drive and a standalone powerful  graphic card) If you use a PC, you will need at least Windows 8.1 (please note that a 64 bit version is required) and if you run MadMapper on a Mac you will need at least macOS 10.9.
I’m a student can I have a special price?
The Educational price for MadMapper is 249€ (euros) excl. vat instead of 349€ excl.vat.
To benefit from this program, please send a scan of a valid and current student or faculty ID to the following address:
Make sure that the file is not bigger than 1 MB or else it will be rejected by our server.
What is the difference between the full and the demo versions?

MadMapper Demo has some limitations:

  •  A watermark is shown on input, output and output preview

The following features are disabled on the Demo Version:

  • Loading/saving a project
  • Export to SVG/PNG/PDF
  • Scan produced by the Spatial Scanner is limited and cropped to 1/4th of its resolution
  • Saving the captured image
  • DMX lighting devices will blink once every minute
  • MAD_Lab apps are are available ONLY to registered users
  • Material installation and publishing from the library
Where can I download the demo version?
You can download the demo version for macOS or Windows from the Try/Buy page.
How do I remove the MadMapper preferences?


Open the Terminal application and copy/paste the following command line:
defaults delete com.garagecube.MadMapper


Open the Command Prompt application and copy/paste the following command-line:
reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GarageCube\MadMapper
the Standard MadMapper license if for 2 computers, can I get a 1 computer version?

MadMapper Standard license is a single user based license.
We offer an additional machine authorization as a spare license in case of a problem during your performance or if you prepare your work on a computer and use another one for your performance.
The second license is not meant to be shared with someone else (leasing or reselling madmapper without permission is strictly prohibited)

Where can I find the Release Notes?

The MadMapper Release Notes history can be downloaded at this address.

License troubleshooting (4)

MadMapper doesn’t work when I enter the serial number.

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet to activate your license. Also ensure that your license is compatible with the version of MadMapper you downloaded on the MadMapper your space page. It’s possible that you need to purchase an upgrade to run the latest version of MadMapper if you bought MadMapper before January 2017.

How to deauthorize Madmapper?
You might need to release MadMapper’s authorization from your computer when you have to repair or format the Hard drive, sell your computer or just need to use MadMapper on another computer.
If you need to authorize Madmapper on a different computer and you have already used 2 authorizations you must de-authorize Madmapper from one of the 2 computers BEFORE FROM MadMapper SOFTWARE.
To deauthorize MadMapper (mantatory required conditions: first you need to be connected to internet)
1. Open MadMapper
2. Choose from the MadMapper menu   De-authorize MadMapper…”
3. You will have then a window asking your admin password from your computer, if you do not have a password then click OK.
4. The deauthorization will finish and a new window will appear on MadMapper : « The authorization was successfully removed ».
Click OK’ or wait, MadMapper will quit and you will be able to install MadMapper on a new machine with the same license.
If your computer gets stolen or broken, please send us a repair invoice or police statement at, including your serial number.


how to Deauthorize / Authorize MadMapper from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.

My computer is broken and I can’t install it again.

If  your computer is broken and you attempt to install it again on a new machine and you have this message « You already activated 2 machines ». You have to either send us a proof of repair (invoice from an apple authorized repair shop) along with your serial number to  and we will perform a remote de-authorization for you or If you cannot provide this document or if your are in a hurry , you can use the emergency procedure and perform a remote de-authorization by yourself  from the MadMapper Yourspace page.

About the Remote Reset :

For example, if your license authorize 2 machines, you should wait 1 year after doing the 2nd reset to be able to use this functionality again.
I want to use MadMapper on another computer, what is the procedure?
  1. Open MadMapper, click at the MadMapper Menu (beside the apple)
  2. Choose from the list ” De-authorize MadMapper…”
  3. You will have then a window asking your admin password from your computer, if you do not have a password then click OK.
  4. The deauthorisation will finish and a new window will appear on MadMapper : “The authorization was successfully removed”.
  5. Click ‘OK’ or wait, MadMapper will quit and you will be able to install MadMapper on a new machine with the same licence.

Video-Mapping (4)

My output Screen is “black” whereas the video output preview is displaying a picture.

With MadMapper 1.5.1 and above, You need to create Video output surfaces given the number of outputs of your video card(s). This is why  your output Screen appears “black” whereas you can see an image on the  preview output window.

Here’s how to proceed to enable video outputs:

  1. Open madmapper and go to the Manage Output tab. (video projector icon)
  2. Click on the “+” button to add a video output device.
  3. You can scale your video output to crop a part of your video output
    composition, you can even turn the video output to match your video setup.
    from the option pank you need to set the video Output size and Output Destination.
    If you are using a Matrox DualHead2go or Triplehead2go or Zotac dual HDMI adapter
    From the Output Destination drop down menu, the multiple output device. You can select which output you want to link to the device surface.
Which Camera can I use for live video input?

With MadMapper you can use a camera as a source in put.
You can use any FireWire / Usb camera for live feeds, as long as it is supported by QuickTime. We can’t recommend any specific one as we have not tested all firewire cameras on the market.
For the Spatial Scanner you can use the FireWire camera as well, but the quality of the scan will be very poor so it is best to use the Canon EOS DSLR cameras.

Cameras & Spatial Scanner

In order to use the Spacial Scanner function of MadMapper, you’ll need either a QuickTime compatible Firewire camera (with a video digitizer) or Canon camera models that are compatible with the Canon EDSDK version 3.6
You can find the list of supported cameras by Canon EDSDK on this page:

You may also use Firewire based video camera recorder however we do not recommend this as the image quality provided may produce a low quality scan.

We highly recommend that you try the demo of MadMapper to make sure that your hardware is compatible prior to purchasing the software.

Can I use the GoPro camera for the spacial scanning?

Unfortunately the GoPro camera is not a FireWire QT camera, only QuickTime compliant cameras ( with a QuickTime video digitizer) and Canon EOS framework based cameras can be used for the special scanning feature.

LED-Mapping (4)

What is the Maximum of Universes supported by MadMapper in Artnet?
MadMapper 3 uses Artnet III : up to  2048 universes or 1 048 576 channels, which let you pixel map up to 349 525 RGB pixels in DMX.
Arnet universe stops at universe 15, how can I go over universe 15?

In MadMapper 1.7.3 and previous versions
ArtNet universe addresses have two parts, a Subnet value which is the lower 4 bits (0-15) and a ‘universe’ value which is the upper 4 bits (0-15) , which means you have up to 16×16. Use the Subnet and Universe to Compose the universe ID.
For instance universe 1 will be noted as 0:1 in artnet, 15 as 0:15, 16 as 1:0, 17 as 0:2 etc.

The Decimal to ArtNet Path port table page will help you to setup the Arnet universe

I have an Enttec MK2 DMX controller , I can’t use both universes

The Enttec Mk2 DMX controller is a USB device and MadMapper supports only one universe per USB port. If you need to support multiple universes, use an Artnet DMX controller.

How many channels can I control with the USB DMX Controller – MadMapper edition ?

USB DMX Controller – MadMapper (limited) edition that you can find on the garagecube shop is a 1 universe DMX controller and can control up to  512 Channels (170 RGB pixels)

miniMAD (7)

Do I need MadMapper to use the miniMAD?

MadMapper is required to export the video mapping composition to the miniMAD device.

Can I use my miniMAD with MadMapper 3 on Windows?
A miniMAD that’s bundled with a SD-card installed with miniMAD software version 3 is directly compatible with Windows.
If you were previously using your miniMAD with MadMapper 2, you’ll need to flash your SD-card with the miniMAD 3 disk image (8 or 16GB depending on your SD-card capacity) using the Etcher application, both of which being available through MadMapper Yourspace page
Can I use my miniMAD with MadMapper 3 on Mac?
Any version of the miniMAD is compatible with Mac.
In case of a problem, you can flash your SD-card with the miniMAD 3 disk image (8 or 16GB depending on your SD-card capacity) using the Etcher application, both of which being available through MadMapper Yourspace page.
Can I output to multiple video projectors with a miniMAD?
The miniMAD has a single HDMI output. Though, the miniMAD can synchronize itself with other miniMADs.
To create a multiple video projector project, use the MadMapper video-wall template and export the project to each miniMAD miniSD-card.
Connect the miniMADs together with ethernet cables and wait until all miniMADs are synchronized. Once the synchronization is done, the composition will play seamlessly across all the miniMADs.
Can I control LEDs with the miniMAD?

Yes, starting with version 3.1, MadMapper is able to export recorded DMX sequences to the miniMAD.

Please check out video tutorials to see how to record DMX sequences.

How to save modifications made on the miniMAD?

No action is required: the miniMAD automatically saves all modifications you do on the mapping.

How much does the miniMAD cost?
The price is 189€ excluding VAT. The miniMAD can be purchased from the GarageCube Shop.
If you are located in the US, please visit our official reseller