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We offer free, E-mail based technical support to all registered users in English & French .

General Inquiries about MadMapper can be found on the FAQ page, please visit it before contacting the Technical Support.

If you are having a Technical problem with MadMapper please contact us using the contact form.
Please provide us with your serial number and detailed description of your problem and how to reproduce it.

If you send a crash report please put it into a text file and send it as attachment.

We are usually able to answer within 24 hours (on business days) of your inquiry but usually a lot faster. We don’t provide sales support and direct orders during the weekend.

Meanwhile, ask questions to the community by visiting the MadMapper Forum


Yourspace : MadMapper User Account

If you are a MadMapper user you can access to your account page where you can download the latest version of MadMapper at your convenience and also download Beta versions at

MadMapper Release Notes history can be downloaded from this Link


Educational Program

If you are a Student or a staff from School or university you can apply for the educational price .

To benefit from this program, please attach a scan of a valid and current student or faculty ID (Make sure that the file is not bigger than 1Mb or else it will be rejected by our server) to your message using the contact form.