Art remixed on Michelangelo's David – Thesis work

on February 27, Valentina Calabrese  presented a video piece called “Art remixed on Michelangelo’s David “at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. This project was made with MadMapper and the video mapping was achieved by studio who also was the thesis supervisor

This work is the result of a research started in the contest of the course of “Digital applications for visual art” coordinated and curated by the professor Donato Maniello ( Studio) who also is the supervisor of this dissertation project. The installation, which is entitled “Art Remix on Michelangelo’s David”, is the demonstration of how new technologies can play a fine role for the enhancement of cultural heritage of a nation. To achieve and prove such result, in this project it was used a particular technique of augmented reality called video mapping with the aim of reevaluating the replica in scale of the world famous “David” by Michelangelo, sculpture present in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts of Napoli. The action of reevaluation is not to be considered as an attempt to substitute the peculiar value of the work itself. The aim of the project is to donate a new guise to the sculpture and present a new method of fruition of the work through the use of multimedia installation. The artistic project was directed to the creation of a dedicated event, covering each part of the process of event organization and communication. Part of the project is also a website (, which is useful to examine in depth the whole dissertation project especially for the academics interested in this discipline. Those contents are also available as a printed version



Posted on Mar 11, 2015 in Archives