#9 Artist Interview: Jose Carlos aka VJ Gorilla

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Jose Carlos aka VJ Gorilla & Up Creativos: I am VJ Gorilla and run a media company, Up Creativos in Peru. I make everything that my commercial clients need for their branding and events.

M: Tell us about the Future Party, Fiesta Playa Blanca?
J: I won a competition showing my projects during workshops in Lima with the founder of MadMapper and GarageCube, Boris Edelstein at Huaca Pucllana, Lima in 2012.

470122_10150709502716495_1291103742_oworkshop boris

And Mapping Festival where I learnt a latest projection mapping and Led light control using MadMapper. I am planning to go there this year too!

Installations at the party included:

  • An Immersive Tunnel with 60 m 2 led panels (high-resolution P5 size) with a laser
  • Two 20k lumens Barco projectors for a 20 metres screens
  • An Interactive photo booth with a ViewSonic touch screen
  • Led panels including the media content
  • Five Led wearable dresses on dancers controlled by wirelessly for a show. (The Light Soldiers) 

    LedLamp 4

    LedLamp 3

    M: What do you listen when you are working?
    J: I listen to SBTRK, tribalism sound from Peru, Nirvana, Marc Houle, Collective Soul, Animal Chucky.

    M: How you did came up with your name, Up Creativos and VJ Gorilla?
    J: Because I was new in the business in my city, so I needed my name to stand out from my competitors. Everybody knows me in my town but not as a Vj because I worked as a graphics designer and a web designer for about 10 years and after that I became a Vj. I had to tell and show people that I was a strong and good one. I chose the name VJ gorilla that is strong and nice. It perfectly goes with my personality and the way I work. Gorilla is very calculated and at the same time, it knows what to do very well.

    M: Why are you using MadMapper?
    J: MadMapper is the most versatile tool that lets me able to do everything I want. Madmapper makes everything easy and faster for me.

    M: Any challenging moment in the project?
    J: I decided to make an immersive full-dome experience in Lima. Introducing the new technology and art to the people who never have seen before was a big challenge. I supposed to have a guy helping me on this Project, Visiones. Some reason, this guy left the project, so I was alone without any knowledge of this immersive 360 dome experience. My solution was to bring the creators of the blendy dome Vj software and taught me how to operate and manage everything by myself.  After that, everything has changed. I bought an inflatable dome that I rented out to the Fundación Telefónica in Lima for a new project called Espacio 360. I was able to invite and to introduce 360 audiovisual work from 1024 Architecture, Sean Caruso, Carla Chan and Bruno Ribeiro to over 1000 people in Lima. After 3 editions of full-dome audiovisual experience, I could say that I introduced new art to my people.

    M: Tell us about LightBomb?
    J: Light Bomb is a hardware can simply and easily control DMX channels for installations. I already sold 48 units around the world. The second versión of Lightbomb is coming soon and it will control a pixel by pixel and laser by Madmapper.

  • the begining

    M: Have you ever use our miniMAD?
    J: Yes, I used a miniMad for a job for Johnnie Walker Black Label at a Beach Club – Beach San Bartolon last February. The installation without a computer was just great. New miniMad lets video mapping with 2 projectors with edge blend, It is just an incredible tool for us.

    M: Any request to MadMapper?
    J: I would love to control an ILDA laser by Madmapper.

    Jose Carlos | VJ | Facebook