#2 Artist Interview: Cinzia Campolese


Tell us about your visual journey?

Cinzia Campolese said just one project changed her life direction. Her last project at the Architecture University of Florence in Italy, a sound reactive RGB LED lights on Luminex fabric, “Concerto per Musica Cromatica”, moved her away from a classical set, costume design and production what she focused on during her school into audiovisual technology. Totally, a new door was opened for her.


She worked on several interactive projects for 1024 Architecture, our co-founder of MadMapper after her school.

Now, she started her company, IF, focused on audiovisual technologies with objects, set designs and micro-architecture with Erminio Alekos (architect), Marguerite Anthonioz (architect) and Régis Mandrillon (interior architect and product designer).

Apophenia – IF, 2014

It is an audio-visual installation that made of 16 α lamps controlled by video timeline. An intuitive view leads the audience to discover hidden patterns that merge with the real objects.

Design & Conception: IF, Cinzia Campolese, Marguerite Anthonioz, Régis Mandrillon, Erminio Alekos Serpente
Software: MadMapper

Continuum is her latest installation with an English-French sound artist, Trespur, who she has been collaborating since 2015.

Continuum, 2015

It is a 8 minutes long audioVisual installation and represents duality and meeting point in between. Two projections meeting a reflective panel in a middle creates a unique entity that reveals itself as a continuum light in space.

Design & Conception: Cinzia Campolese
Sound Design: Trespur
Software: MadMapper

What is next?

Screenshot 2015-11-28 14.12.55

Her new projects are research project studying pencil sketches and 3D interactive and another Audio Visual collaboration with Trespur. She will be moving to Montreal from Paris for a new adventure.

Stay turn what will come out of from this!

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