#15 Artist Interview: VJ Vigas

“I like MadMapper. I feel comfortable using it because I’m following the evolution of the software since the first version.” by VJ Vigas.


MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?   
Leandro Mendes aka VJ Vigas: I began my research in audiovisual performances in university in 2003, where I presented a live performance mixing images with music. In 2012, I won the international VJs tournament Videozone. In 2013, I won the 1st place of the three editions of the competition VJ TORNA International, held in Mexico City (Mexico), Rome (Italy) and Cape Town (South Africa). I was repeating the feat in May 2014 in the city of Istanbul in Turkey.

Live Performers Meeting – Mexico 2013

VJ TORNA Best Live Mapper – Rome 2013


I was selected for the Amsterdam Light Festival and 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. The 2013/2014 installation was the facade of the church Mozes en Aäronkerk the historic center of Amsterdam for five nights.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014

The 2014/2015 installation was the LED Floating Bridge Tunnel. The Dutch city’s tourist boats could go through it during November 2014 to January 2015.

Floating Bridge – Amsterdam Light Festival 2014/2015


I was a guest artist for the 1st Rio Mapping Festival in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 and the Visualismo Festival, Rio de Janeiro in September 2015.

Reel Leandro Mendes – 2016

M: Who and what was an influence to become an artist?
V: I was involved in some artistic field, playing guitar in a hardcore band since I was 15 years old. After that, I started DJing and working with scenography in electronic music parties and discovered VJing. At that time, I started studying video editing at the University. My professor’s encouragement, I began researching about VJ, live performance, and video art. I presented a live video performance as my final work at the University. After working as a video producer for commercial stuff for several years, I decided to become a visual artist as my primary focus.

M: What do you listen when you are working?
V: Uh! That is a difficult question; I usually listen to different styles of music. Lately, I’ve researched songs that mix folklore with electronic beats. You can check and follow some of the artists on my SoundCloud account.

M: Why are you using MadMapper?
V: I like MadMapper. I feel comfortable using it because I’m following the evolution of the software since the first version. I tried the beta version of MadMapper even before the official release in Budapest. So, I feel I am a part of the family, hahaha.

M: What do you like about MadMapper and Modul8?
V: I like MadMapper because the software is a good and straightforward solution for all types of video mapping project from the small to big and complicated one. Modul8 for me is the live video mix software that you can do beautiful VJ sets and generate new graphics from sample video. You can modify your original content entirely. Both MadMapper and Modul8 are a very important tool for my visual creation process.

A.V Anaglyph performance Estereóptico 2.0

Estereoptico pagina 02

Visuals: Vigas
participation: Vinicius Luz
Music and performance: Vigas
After movie: Tiago Pavan

Estereóptico 2.0 explores macro and micro spaces, complexity and similarity between the systems that constitute living beings and the universe, the eternal search for answers where we came from and where we go. With anaglyph videos, the public receives special glasses that make images “jump” from the wall accompanied by a soundtrack composed especially for the presentation. Sounds captured by NASA in their space missions and audio elements of the human body such as heartbeat.

Estereóptico 2.0 was presented :
Reconvexo Festival – Brasília (Brazil)
Visualismo Festival – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Festival Visual Brasil – Barcelona (Spain)
B-Seite Festival – Mannheim (Germany)

ALMA – audiovisual performance for Visualismo Festival 2015 – Rio de Janeiro

M: What is next for you?
V: I’m working on new ideas for a public art installation, light installation with live a.v. performance.

M: Have you ever use our miniMAD?
V: Not yet.

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