#12 Artist Interview: Kalma VJ

 “I don’t choose to be an artist, but sometimes it just happens.”

by Kalma VJ

Madmapper: Tell us about yourself?
Kalma VJ: I´m Kalma, a visualist with a sound engineer background. I use real time processes to create installations, mapping, and vjs sets.

M: You have been giving workshops in Berlin for a while. What do you want your students to learn and what is your challenge?
K: At the moment, I’m working on my next workshop in Berlin. We’ll learn the basics of Modul8 and Madmapper. I´m very excited because the people registered are coming from very different backgrounds, and all of them already have an idea about what they want to learn.


I have a couple of graphic designers, one want to create a vj session for political demos, one amazing underwater photographer, one who wants to build her stage design with foam, one who wants to make a visual installation about the Spice Girls… 🙂 The common factor in all of them is that they are very interested in learning how to build their mapping structure.  So, my challenge is to give them tools and inspiration to achieve what they want. That’s why I’m creating geometric cartoon shapes so, we can start building from the first day.

M: Who and what was an influence to become an artist?
K: I don’t even consider myself as an artist. I think I’m more a technician creating things that sometimes looks like art and sometimes they are, but not always. I don’t choose to be an artist, but sometimes it just happens.

M: What do you listen to while you are working?
K: It depends on: for creative processes Klaus Wiese, Dictaphone, Arbol, drone music… for more technical works that require full concentration: Nikka Bionika, Electric Indigo, Mimicof, Robert Henke…

M: How you came up with your stage name?
K: Yes, my stage name is Kalma. I like how it sounds and no specific reasons. After a while, I discovered that Kalma was the Finnish goddess of death and decay. (hahaha)

M: Why are you using MadMapper?
K: Because it´s super handy and versatile. Also, it´s getting more and more powerful. I love it.

M: Tell us about your project for the Dokfest lounge in Kassel?

The last project, I´ve done is a Live video mapping for the Dokfest lounge in Kassel (Germany). It was a collaboration of f:p visual pulse collective, a visual label of which I´m co-founder. In this case, the team was Alessandra Leone (Aikia), Jago and me. The venue, an old wine cellar had a very strong personality. So, we decide to respect the natural architecture and make a mapping using arcs and walls. We performed during two days, and it was fun!We were three vjs, Kalma, Aikia, and Jago using Madmapper, Modul8, and Resolume. 

M: Any funny story or any challenging moment in this project?
K: We had just two days to set up everything and create the content for the Dokfest lounge in Kassel (Germany). It was quite stressful for some moments. Thanks to Diana (Aikia´s dog) who came and stayed with us during the whole process, everything was more relax. I usually went and played with her when I was “borderline” 🙂 She made it happens and was part of the team!

M: What is next to you?
K: I´m very interested in creating sonification of light. During all these years, I’ve been using sound as a trigger for my visual works. Now I’d like to invert the process and create sonic landscapes. My first attempt was Blow my mind, presented last may at Lummix light festival (Bulgaria).  It is a reactive installation where the light of a candle is translated into a sonic landscape that reacts with the changes that the public produce on it.This “fire interface” aims to build a bridge between the physical world and technology, placing the human factor as the main actor in this process.

Also, I want to keep organizing Vj and mapping workshops. Next one is in Berlin from 7th-9th JuneAnd the end of June I´ll do another one about Vjing and content creation in collaboration with Alessandra Leone (Aikia) for a festival in Bologna.

Have you ever use our miniMAD?
No, but I’m looking forward! 

Any request to MadMapper?
Keep on going 😉

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