#11 Artist Interview: Jacques-André DuPont

“I simply love Madmapper because it is handy and so precise.” by Jacques-André Dupon

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Jacques-André Dupont: I’m Jacques-André Dupont, a French-Colombian AV artist, and performer based in Berlin.
I studied media and masters in film post production. After a short experience in the cinema special effects industry in Paris, I decided to develop my activity around motion design and video production for greater creative freedom. After two hard working years in Paris, my new life in Berlin was a bowl of fresh air. I took the time to develop my artistic work and played live visuals in different techno clubs and festivals. I was interested in the interaction between light and matter, how to bring my creations outside the screen, onto tangible surfaces. Since I was following the VJ scene, I was very inspired by the amazing works of some “Daddies” of the video mapping like the 1024 Architecture or AntiVj.

In 2012, I followed a Madmapper workshop with Ilan Katin and conceived my first av installation Struktur-Licht-Klang. The next steps have been many collaborations with street artists like Tape Over, Blo, Psoman, where I use the mapping medium in dialogue with paint, spray or tape.

I gave new media workshops in Berlin and London schools; I am passionate about sharing my know-how with the kids, seeing how quick they learn the digital tools and express their creativity mixed with manual techniques.


M: What do you listen to while you are working?
J: I just come back from great travel through Colombia, so I’m keeping the vibe listening to the cumbia electronica of Systema Solar.

M: What do you like about MadMapper?

J: I simply love Madmapper because it is handy and so precise. It is also very stable which is good for big projects. I use it in experimentations or jams to quickly get a result and in my collaborations with painters to perform live mappings. It is also perfect for adjusting a pre-animated mapping onto its final support like a façade or a tape art piece.

The single workflow of the software with its double window input/output invites you to experiment and play, using it is a digital collage or a lightning tool for example. I like to the spatial scanner when working with objects like on this contrabass.

Together with the sound aratist, Clément Destephen and AV artist Natalia Sookias, we founded the Ondé collective. We conceived a documentary installation for the Armenian jazz musician Tigran Hamasyan and a scenography for a children’s musical show “The Love Architects” in London Royal Festival Hall.


The Love Architects was a show with 500 kids on stage. We created the video scenography around the beautiful organ pipe of the Royal Festival Hall, partly based on the workshops we held with the kids around live visuals for music. The piece is composed of 9 original songs and 9 visuals scenes spanning 1-hour. It tells the story of the Love Architects who set out to rebuild the fallen city of Arcadia.

After Effects, Photoshop, Madmapper, Modul8
Artistic direction & composition – Laura Howe and Ross Power
Video Scenography – Jacques-André Dupont & Natalia Sookias
Choreography – Natasha Khamjani
Soundtrack – Clément Destephen

M: What is next for you?

J: We are developing a performance of sound and interpersonal touch called “The Medium is the Massage.” It is in reference to the Media theorist Marshall Mc Luhan. It is a choreographic project using interpersonal touch as a form of expression, an intimate experience of 30 minutes where sound and touch guide the participants through an immersive journey, senses merge into new combinations, altering their state, connecting body and mind into abstract realms.

Although, I am not using any audiovisual media but only using my hands. My approach to the surface of the body and the way I develop movements onto it is near from animation. I see many links between my practice of video mapping and the touch choreographies I perform. I am also in the process of learning led mapping.

M: Have you ever use our miniMAD?
J: No

M: Any request to MadMapper?
J: It would be interesting to have the option of interpolation animation of the polygons when switching between two presets, instead of just a cut between presets.

Jacques-André Dupont | | Facebook | ondé