#10 Artist Interview: AV Exciters

AVEexiters is an agency specialized in digital prototypes and new technologies started by . They make an audiovisual installation as an architectural expression to reveal the quality of space.


Co-founder, Jeremie Bellot answered our questions.

MadMapper: What was your creative process for Kinetic Sculpture, Wings?

Jeremie Bellot: We were inspired by Theo Jansen kinetic sculpture and wanted to incorporate its movement into dmx motors and LEDs lights. The idea was to create an airborne sculpture of iridescent LEDs that pulses above a crowded concert hall. Above the gyrating crowd at the Pendant Electron Festival in Geneva.

J: Wing Concept is: the avian installation come to alive, flapping its LED appendages in smooth, rhythmic oscillations. Wings is a flight, the one of the body and the mind. The senses are troubled. Architecture resonates, space is compressed, sculpted, taking the audience into a new experience.

J: We did not have a large budget, but we had a strong desire to make one of first kinetic installation series at ZOO/ Geneva where represented us the best place for Vjing.

Concept and Visuals: Jeremie Bellot, Josselin Beaumont, Sebastien Schnabel
Thanks to Matthieu Mattess & Zoo Usine team: Ben Def, Loïc Mentha, Félix Michel
& support of Cloown Debilee, Yony Deco, & Latona Mike

M: How did you like the audience to engage with this project?

J: The audience was fantastic, and we are now planning to do more kinetic installations. Creators project diffuse it on their website, and we’ve done one more in Weather Festival recently.

M: Tell us about Ososphère, 2015?

J: It was playing on the morphology of the building, we projected on the facade of evolving forms and which have diverted the architectural vocabulary, revealing more and physiognomy this building listed as a historical monument. Visuals and Mapping were done by Jérémie Bellot and  Josselin Fouché. The sound was made by DJ Ki / Vanessa Jeantrelle.

M: Tell us about Fulldome experience – Ososphere, 2015?


J: We developed a 15m diameter full dome for 360° video projections. This visual was extracted from my audiovisual piece called Synergetics. It was a project integrating the idea of Buckminster Fuller on a new method of three-dimensional thinking, devoid of classical laws XYZ orthonormal. The icosahedron was the heart of this process and this audiovisual performance in a hemispherical – pixel area allowed us to travel through the concepts of Geodesy and tensegrity, allowing the geometric métarmophose this vault and these architectural variations.

M: What is next step for you?

J: Doing more kinetic LED installations and become the French reference of this type of installation.

M: Wish List for this Digital Age and MadMapper?

J: Controlling motors with madmapper will be cool. Maybe, we can develop a new part of the program together!

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