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Light/House inauguration – Geneva LUX festival

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« Light/House » is a MadMapper Driven LED Arrt installation created by the MadMapper Founder Boris Edelstein and Alexandre Burdin in collaboration with the Mapping Festival and produced by GarageCube Hardware.



This Art Installation  will be unveiled on december,2 2016  For the opening of the Geneva Lux festival at  île Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, Geneva, 19pm.
450 meters of  GarageCube Hardware — Scenografix SFX01 LED bar were used to create this stunning LightHouse installation on the top of  the 5 stars Hotel Metropole  .

#genevalux  #genevaluxfestival #garagecube #madmapper #sfxled #sfx01#scenografix

more info about the event on facebook

NOV Workshop

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11/3-5  Audiovisual — VJ Workshop. Tools, VJing & Video Mapping Software
Blogfabrik: Oranienstraße 185, 10999 Berlin, Germany

11/12-13 ‘Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Video mapping Workshop
Apiary Studios:458 Hackney Rd, London E2 9EG, United Kingdom

OCT Workshop

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10/ 18, 20, 25 & 27  Curso Video Mapping y LED
Blackaut: Malaquías Concha 022, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

10/20-22  Mapping Video
Design Station Wallonia: 78 rue Paradis, 4000 Liège, Belgium

10/22-23  CultureHub LED Mappathon
CultureHub: 7 Great Jones St, New York, New York 10012

10/31-11/3  Initiation au Mapping/ Introduction to Mapping
Pallais Abbatial de Saint-Huber: Place de l’Abbaye, 6870 Saint-Hubert


#14 Artist Interview: Limbic Cinema

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« Having an affordable software solution that works well without expensive unique hardware is key for us. » by Limbic Cinema.

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Limbic Cinema: Limbic Cinema is a co-operative of artists based in Bristol formed in 2012 by the members, Alex Wright, Tom Newell, Thomas E Pryce and Thomas Buttery.

We met as VJ’s on the club and festival circuits around the UK and decided we should team up. Despite the inconsistent wages and sticky floors, club nights always provided us the creative freedom to experiment and take risks. Over the course of four years, we’ve built strong relationships with festivals and events that we share a similar ethos and creative visions with; we’re particularly fond of Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Freerotation, Alfresco Disco and Greenman Festival where we’ve exhibited numerous installations and in 2015 projection.

Beyond the music scene, we’re focusing more on the realms of theatre, large-scale building mapping, and Art Installations. For example, making contributions to The Stick House, and bringing the Wren Library in Cambridge to life with narrative driven visuals were both hugely fulfilling projects.


#13 Artist Interview: VJ Eletroiman

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 « Madmapper changed the way that we were making mappings, things get easier. »

By VJ Eletroiman

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
VJ Eletroiman: Hi, my name is Ricardo Cançado, aka VJ Eletroiman, and since 2000 I am working with VJing,  stage design, audiovisual performance and in the last years I was dedicated to Video-Mapping techniques.

Since the beginning of 2003, I am developing a Live AV called Representa Corisco. This project was based on an imagery inspired by the Brazilian popular culture and it explores political and social issues through the iconography of the “cangaço” movement and one of its characters: Corisco. After so many years developing this project, now I present a 45 minutes performance with animations that mix video with other techniques including photography, drawing, 3D, and 2D animation.


#12 Artist Interview: Kalma VJ

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 « I don’t choose to be an artist, but sometimes it just happens. »

by Kalma VJ

Madmapper: Tell us about yourself?
Kalma VJ: I´m Kalma, a visualist with a sound engineer background. I use real time processes to create installations, mapping, and vjs sets.

M: You have been giving workshops in Berlin for a while. What do you want your students to learn and what is your challenge?
K: At the moment, I’m working on my next workshop in Berlin. We’ll learn the basics of Modul8 and Madmapper. I´m very excited because the people registered are coming from very different backgrounds, and all of them already have an idea about what they want to learn.



CultureHUB LED Future Mapper© in NY

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CultureHUB LED Future Mapper© is one day workshop where students will learn basic knowledge of Projection Mapping technology to map LED lights with a special guest, a co-founder of MadMapper, Boris Edelstein from Geneva!

Our exercise will be choosing right types of LED light, recognizing how the video contents map and control LED light, and creating a simple geometric LED lights structure to take away using MadMapper 2.5 Beta with new features, Surface Shaders and more. We also will be showing GarageCube’s new LED light product, and more advanced LED light structure demonstration during this workshop. All students will receive a free 30-day full access of Modul8 and MadMapper.

TIME 2:00 – 8:00pm | 6 hours
WHERE CultureHUB | 47 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012

LED Future Mapper Early Bird Special Price ends 6/5
Workshop Fee only: $250
Workshop with a MADlight Starter Package Kit: $450 (suite…)

5/9-10 Workshop by Blanca Regina

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Narative Stracture 13 – Intensive Workshop Video Mapping

Email to (limited to 5 students Plazas)
Place: Mademotion C/ Doctor Fourquet, 3. 1ºB, 28012 Madrid.
Price: 100€

The course will be focused on video mapping technique and the concept of projection beyond the screen.

• We developed the imaging technique and its application in installations and performances.

• We teach how to project simultaneously on different surfaces with different motives and moving images as well as the production of content and its practical application.

• We investigated the projected not only as art but as an art form and language image.

We approach:
Image: Analog and digital (created with video / photo / real-time / code)

Projection techniques, real-time and facilities.
Space: analysis of the form / s and creating a blueprint.
Application: Scenic / installation / interactive.
More info goes to

#11 Artist Interview: Jacques-André DuPont

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“I simply love Madmapper because it is handy and so precise.” by Jacques-André Dupon

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Jacques-André Dupont: I’m Jacques-André Dupont, a French-Colombian AV artist, and performer based in Berlin.
I studied media and masters in film post production. After a short experience in the cinema special effects industry in Paris, I decided to develop my activity around motion design and video production for greater creative freedom. After two hard working years in Paris, my new life in Berlin was a bowl of fresh air. I took the time to develop my artistic work and played live visuals in different techno clubs and festivals. I was interested in the interaction between light and matter, how to bring my creations outside the screen, onto tangible surfaces. Since I was following the VJ scene, I was very inspired by the amazing works of some « Daddies » of the video mapping like the 1024 Architecture or AntiVj.


#10 Artist Interview: AV Exciters

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AVEexiters is an agency specialized in digital prototypes and new technologies started by . They make an audiovisual installation as an architectural expression to reveal the quality of space.



4/23 AV-Workshop in Frankfurt

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Screenshot 2016-04-05 12.53.21
AV Workshop — Tools, VJing & Video Mapping Software
Audiovisual Workshop by Lucas Gutierrez2 Days | 23 – 24 April 2016Location: INM – Institut für Neue Medien (Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main)Level — Beginner and Intermediate

Duration — Saturday 13h to 18h / Sunday 14h to 19h

Language — English

Registration Fee — € 110
To book the workshop, please proceed the submission form:


Quad Surface Mask quick tutorial

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You are new to madmapper 2 and you would like to know about ‪#‎MadMapper‬’s basic knowledge ?
Here’s a Quad surface mask quick ‪#‎tutorial‬
you can also access it form the review page

#9 Artist Interview: Jose Carlos aka VJ Gorilla

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MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Jose Carlos aka VJ Gorilla & Up Creativos: I am VJ Gorilla and run a media company, Up Creativos in Peru. I make everything that my commercial clients need for their branding and events.


#8 Artist Interview: Alex Augier

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1. Tell us about yourself

I’m an electronic musician, based in Paris. I started to play drums and piano in my childhood. But my main interest has always been music composition. Like many people, that’s how I was lead to using computers to make music. The simple recorder at a first time and then as a specific musical tool for sound design, composition and production (electronic music).

Then, I discovered MaxMSP and started experimenting transversal proposals because I love music, but also visual, design, architecture… In order to deepen my work, I attended the « Computer Music Designer Master 2 » in 2013 (University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, FR). Then, I was computer music designer – trainee at Theatre de la Renaissance (Lyon, FR) and at IRCAM (Paris, FR), where I improved my work in synthesis, control and spatialization of the sound. I was selected in great workshops allows me to work with Robert Henke (2014) and Scanner (2015), allows me to experiment multichannel sound diffusion, generative music, audiovisual links…

In the same period, Stereolux helped me to create my first audiovisual project: oqpo_oooo. First presentation at Scopitone Festival 2014 (Nantes, FR). Then, I presented this works at international festivals including Elektra (Montreal/CA), Open Source Art Festival (Gdansk/PL), Lab30 (Augsburg/DE), BAM (Liege/BE), Digital Choc (Tokyo/JP)….



3/26-27 Video Mapping Narrating Structure 11

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Call for Entry: The Genius Loci Weimar Festival

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Projection Mapping competition!



Submit your work to the Genius Loci Weimar Festival, Germany!
The deadline is March 23, 2016!

The three winning projects will then be completed with the help of prize money totalling €45,000 before being shown in the context of an evening tour of Weimar, itself part of a wider festival to take place from 12 to 14 August 2016.


#7 Artist Interview: Avainmotion

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1st place at the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
AVAinmotion: AVA Animation and Visual Arts is Pedro Narvaez and Emma Lopez. After working as an animator and a broadcast designer for four years in Canada, we decided to start our company specialising visual contents for architectural projection mapping in Mexico. The Niigata MINATOPIKA International Mapping Competition, Japan, 2nd place.

M: Who and what was an influence to become an artist?
AVA: Basically, everything we liked changed us, video games, cartoons, Japanese animation, sci-fi, comics and art and technology. (suite…)

#5 Artist Interview: Eric Raynaud aka Fraction

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MadMapper: Tell us about your project, ENTROPIA?

Eric Raynaud aka Fraction: The project initially started with my research on ambisonics sound in residency at SAT (Montreal) at the end of 2014. I wanted to develop a way to smoothly perform electronic music in a sound field larger than regular stereo using SAT’s world unique satosphere.

I was interested in ambisonics that drove me working on softwares like Iannix and max msp connected to live Ableton. At the end of my research, I really wanted to create a new audio visual performance. As you may know, ambisonics is a full sphere technique for sound spatialisation. It is a more natural way to move sound sources into the sound field.


#4 Artist Interview: JEANNE ANGEL

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MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?

Jeanne: I’ve been making X media for about 16 years (X = web, graphic, digital, video, interactive, multi, trans, creative, etc.) I got my first job as a Web Designer in High School, and I think I’ve always been on this path; of playing and making things with visual and digital mediums, and working with technology. I fell in love with projectors in college, and started VJing and making visuals at parties and collaborating with other artists that I met, who were also always making or performing with visuals or sound. I’m thankful for all the amazing people I’ve met over the years who inspire and challenge me to keep making. I’ve been working as a hands-on producer of exhibit media at NYHS for 3.5 years, and I’ve found it super rewarding and have learned a lot about developing the narrative.


#2 Artist Interview: Cinzia Campolese

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Tell us about your visual journey?

Cinzia Campolese said just one project changed her life direction. Her last project at the Architecture University of Florence in Italy, a sound reactive RGB LED lights on Luminex fabric, “Concerto per Musica Cromatica”, moved her away from a classical set, costume design and production what she focused on during her school into audiovisual technology. Totally, a new door was opened for her.


Map on Mask Workshop, KiKK Festival by Mike Latona

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This one-day workshop with Mike Latona is designed as a playground around projection mapping. After an introduction on projection mapping, you’ll be ready for various mapping exercises on origami masks.

The participants will be able to explore new techniques of projection mapping thanks to the skills of Mike Latona, a belgian digital artist mastering projection mapping.


#1 Artist Interview: SIGMASIX

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SIGMASIX is an interaction design and new media art studio based in Geneva, Switzerland founded by artists, Eric Morzier and Florian Pittet in 2004.

Eric Morzier and Florian Pittet photo by Regis Golay – Federal


MadMapper 2.0 Release

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MadMapper 2.0 Available now


The MADTeam, 1024 Architecture and GarageCube are proud to announce MadMapper 2.0.

There are so many new features blow your mind and no more excuse not to post your new creation on our social network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see your magic with your favorite software, MadMapper 2.0. Stay turn for our new pdf and video tutorials.

Upgrade is free for all users who purchased the software in 2015 ! 

If you purchased before 2015 the price is 69 EURO (excl.vat, standard or academic version). For multiple computers upgrade plan, please log onto  to get the price for your current version. New users can purchase MadMapper 2.0 now for 320 EURO (excl.vat).



Requirements : OSX 10.7 or later

Full 64 bits application

+ New retina user interface

+ New media playback engine (using FFMPEG or AVFoundation)

+ Multiple media input

+ Optimised OpenGL graphic engine for Faster & Smoother outputs with multiple projectors

+ Native support for DeckLink BlackMagic cards

+ Native HAP codec support on Yosemite 10.10

+ 3D Objects surfaces (.OBJ files)

+ 6 points automatic 3D Object Calibration

+ Realtime lights and shadows on 3D surfaces

+ Edition of 3D object’s texture coordinates

+ 2D LED scanner: auto address LED pixels or line fixtures

+ Generate lines from SVG file and 3D surface

+ Export to miniMAD

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.21.39

Additional Features

+ Artnet router for new LED protocols using Arduino

+ LED’s BlinkyTile & BlinkyTape support

+ Makey makey support

+ Surface handle position in pixels

+ Play animated GIFs

+ Controls for all media parameters

+ Offline media status

+ Camera resolution selection

+ Copy/paste line animation settings

+ Copy/paste controls settings (MIDI/OSC/DMX…)

+ Replace media option (right click over media)

+ Export of a single fixture definition

+ Improved position control of line animation (from MIDI/OSC etc.)

+ OSC channel list window is now resizable with (2 scrollable columns)

+ Easy create quad surface by drag & dropping movie onto output preview window

+ Easy import 3D surface by drag & dropping*.Obj file on output preview window

+ LED control (with DMX/ArtNet output) now works with no screen attached to your computer

Screenshot 2015-07-30 15.11.13New Mad_Lab: MadRouter

MadRouter is an easy bridge different control protocols:

  • MIDI
  • OSC
  • ArtNet
  • EnttecPro USB DMX
  • ShowJockey DMX
  • Audio input with BPM detection
  • Playstation 3&4 controllers
  • Leap Motion
  • LED devices
  • Computer keyboard
  • and even Python scripting !

MAPPING LAB in Bogota – May 7-9

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MAPPING LAB is a video mapping workshop created and conducted by Laura Ramirez – Optika and the next one will be held in Bogota from 7 to 9 May 2015.

This workshop is aimed to artists and AV designers and this time it will be focused on the scenic design and divided in theoretical and practical sessions in which Modul8 and MadMapper will be used. Every assistant will have all the facilities needed like projectors, controllers and mockups. Only requirements is bring a Mac laptop and have basic knowledge in motion design software.

The event is organized by Optikal Ink Lab (Laura’s AV label) and produced in partnership with La Casa del teatro nacional. Supported by Modul8 and MadMapper.

Inscriptions and info :





Bear stage by DuckUnit

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 DuckUnit‬ is a company based in Thailand. A Hug Teddy bare made of LED lights and video was built for the T.E.D (Thailand Electronic Dance) at the Big Mountain Music Festival. This installation was built with #MadMapper with ‪#‎Modul8‬ and ‪‎#MadMapper‬

Narrative Structure 6th Edition

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Videomapping Workshop 6th Edition: ‘Narrating Structures’ at Apiary Studios, London


Download PDF with full information


Mapping Workshop at MAPLAB

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MapLab  is a Laboratory for visual art & 3D mapping. 
the next MadMapper and Modul8 workshop will be conducted by the visual artist MO:YA on sunday at FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences) in Graz/Austria on 30-10-2014

More info:



James Vincent McMorrow – "Look Out" video

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The Shadow Lab  studio located in Dublin created a crystallized Video mapping scenography  for Vincent McMorrow’s « Look Out » video. The animation created for the video  was  runned by Modul8 and Mapped by MadMapper.

//CREDITS Director: Emma J Doyle Lighting Design: Conor Jacob Director of Photography: JJ Rolfe Animation/Mapping: Anthony Murphy

SBDX4 Workshop – Bordeaux

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IMG 3517 WEB

1024 architecture and Garagecube are currently conducting a workshop  at Darwin ecosystem-  Bordeaux.  5 video artists from Bordeaux area joined this workshop to build a light installation for the digital week  #SDBX4 . This art piece made out of 5x 3d digital clock characters will be installed on the front of the Bordeaux’s city hall from the 12th of september

IMG 3491 WEB

IMG 3500 WEB

IMG 3482 WEB

MadMapper Leap motion control

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Alex Reche one of our talented MadMapper engineer made this amazing demo of MadMapper control with a Leap Motion Controller . This feature will come soon for everyone.

Kalma VJ Video Mapping Workshop 13-14 June Leipzig

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The Next Video Mapping Workshop for beginner with Kalma VJ will be on 13-June at KulturKollektiv – Leipzig – Germany

Learn the basics of video mapping with madmapper and modul8 workshop.

more info:!mapping-workshop-with-madmapper-ww-leipzig/
facebook event


MadMapper 1.6 Release

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GarageCube & 1024 Architecture  are pleased to announce the final release of MadMapper 1.6.

We worked hard , added a lots of new features and fixed many bugs to bring up new experience with your favorite video & Light Mapping software.
Mapping has never been easier Taking full control of MadMapper with HIDs.
  • MAD_Controls: support for MIDI, OSC, DualShock 4 (PS4) and DualShock 3 (PS3) controller and Keyboard controls.
  • Artnet Routing support
  • Artnet Unicast
  • JumboFrames on  STORM24
  • DMX Monitor
  • Selection booleans
  • Added ShowJockey USB device
  • Added Enttec Usb Dmx Pro parameters (fps, break time) which can be set from application settings (it seems that hard coded settings are incompatible with some hardware)
  • Added GRB, GBR, GRB16 & GBR16 pixel formats for dmx fixtures
  • Added import of binary fixtures libraries
  • Added manual edition of channels in the fixture editor
  • Added MASK for projectors
  • Added OSC channels dialog in help menu
  • Added RangeWidget to edit the source and target ranges of the Control Node Mappings
  • Added buttons for next frame/previous frame on the movie player
  • Added: background image & mask image « reload button »
  • Added movie infos: resolution, size, fps & codec
  • Added shortcut to enable/disable snapping (Alt+S => enable/disable snapping)
Control List
 fixture editor
dmx monitor window
 Artnet Unicast routing table
You can download the Full release note, including new features, Additions, Modifications and Fixes on the following page and also on the yourspace page: [URL]
The update is free for all currently registered users and can be downloaded using their serial number by accessing the ‘yourspace’ page.

Mapping Festival 2014 VJ Contest registration

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Don’t miss the  Mapping festival VJ CONTEST 2014
Once again GarageCUBE &  1024 Architecture  are proud to  support the  Famous VJ Contest during  the  Mapping Festival.
Win Amazing prizes !!: 
2 x Licenses of MadMapper
2 x Licenses of Modul8
1 x Micromodul8 midi controler dedicated for Modul8 by faderfox

FaderFox  Micromodul8
2 x USB to DMX special edition for MadMapper by SHOW-JOCKEY
1 x Special Exclusive home made Wireless LED kit controler for wearable application (limited edition) created by Quentin Berthet & Xavier –

Mapping wireless KIT

Also other partners joined this insane frenzy of gifts
2 x licenses of Millumin
2 x licenses of VDMX
2 x licenses of  LIINE LEMUR
3 x ARTNET DMX ODE controler from ENTTEC

8 X Showjockey scenografix SJ-RGBT-D60-D1< Adressable DMX RGB LED BARs (60pixels per meter)

2X Artnet DMX Controller by Showjockey + extra DMX Tester  + 8 outputs pigtail IP65 12v/320W power supply  +cables and accessories

2 x Akimitsu R48 wearable LED from the New York Artist Sadoi
Mapping Festival t-shirts and ties
Register the competition NOW !!
Please send your resume, video reel, references to
Deadline: May 9 ,2014

The Contest will take place at the Spoutnik on May 30th and 31st.
The competition will be conducted by the stunning MC team « Schnautzi & Gertrude Tunning »

More information about the VJ Contest:

MAD_LINE2 EVOLUTION sneak preview

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Hello MadMappers, Pier from 1024 Architecture  played with  next MAD_LINE which be unveiled at the next Mapping Festival 

Pointhautby1024 small

3 Days left to register to the mapping festival workshops

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Only 3 days left to register to the mapping festival workshops

3D LED FASHION 1880x500 1

Mapping Festival (Geneva) is pleased to announce for its 10th edition an array of workshops where participants will learn techniques, exchange ideas with the Modul8 & MadMapper creators, the wizards behind Syphon framework & VDMX, and many acclaimed international guests.

Check out the amazing workshops line up and register today, these are the last days!

Send an e-mail to workshops[at]
– in the message object, name the workshop you’d like to attend,
– join CV, references, videos, photos, everything that defines you and could be useful for us to know you better.

Registration deadline: Monday, April 7th, 2014

You will receive an answer within 7 days after the deadline.

May 26 to 29
Conducted by the creators of MadMapper, Boris Edelstein (GarageCube) & François Wunschel (1024 architecture).
This workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LED and video mapping using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and 1024 architecture. Participants will design wearable LED costumes, unveiled at the end of the workshop.
Check the trailer here:

May 28 to 30
Conducted by CHiKA (US) in collaboration with Anton Marini (US), Tom Butterworth (UK) and David Lublin (US).
A workshop focused on learning projection mapping, aims to create a site specific installation through collaborative work.

May 23 to 25
Conducted by Laurent Novac (GarageCube programmer).
An exploration in the field of generative art and the use of physical principles for the generation of objects, both ‘implausible’ and ‘natural’.

May 24 to 28
Conducted by Mike Latona (BE).
Intended for video artists wishing to deepen their knowledge of actual mapping softwares, image creation and production of permanent installations.

May 22 to 24
Conducted by Andy Teasdale (UK) & Gaël Abegg (aka LUPIN) (FR).
For three days this workshop will offer a full range of tools for module programming using Modul8, a software from GarageCube.

May 25 to 28
Conducted by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Pierre Turlotte (FR) & Rochel Mancip (FR).
How to set up a scenography in the Zoo club. Participants will go through all stages, designing, building and operating the scenography.

RGB LED Tubes MadMapper by Luna VJ

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Luna VJ from Spain, created a Stage design for a club involving Madmapper and lights using RGB LED tubes. This video shows how they designed and assembled standard RGB LED tubes

RGB LED TUBES MADMAPPER from lunavj on Vimeo.

VOLCANO by Studio Corium

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Our Friends from Studio Corium created an impressive Giant setup and Mapping installation for The Uniparty 5 and « la fête du printemps 2014 »


madmapper & module workshop for beginners in France 27-28 february

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The next module & madmapper workshop (beginner level) will be organized by the agence culturelle départementale Dorgogne-Périgord and will be on the 27-28 february.

Le prochain workshop pour Modul8 et MadMapper se tiendra à l’espace Britten à Périgeux en Drodogne le 27 et 28 février 2014.
Cet atelier est destiné aux techniciens et artistes vidéo
prix: 30€/personne

Pour plus d’informations:

Shikaku 07 review

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Here’s a nice video review of the Shikaku light zen garden installation by CHiKA at  Eyebeam – NYC . more info on

SHiKAKU07 from IMAGIMA creates Optical GLAMOUR on Vimeo.

LIGHTBOMB 54 channels DMX driver

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Bomb the Stage!!!  LIGHTBOMB is the name of  the 54 Channels (18 RGB driver) Active DMX Driver  made in Peru. It works with MadMapper and Modul8.

More info on the LightBOMB Facebook page:

LightBomb LIGHTBOMB / 54 ACTIVE DMX DRIVER / MADE IN PERU from Up Creativos on Vimeo.


DuckUnit Head Sculpture Mapping in Bangkok

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DuckUnit, located in Bangkok -Thailand used Modul8 and MadMapper to create a video and light mapping on a massive 3D Head sculpture for the Blackhead Concert . The video report shows the making of the sculpture, Visual footage shooting ,and stage setup


DuckUnit-Handmade / 3D Projection Mapping on Head Sculpture-BlackHead Concert from DuckUnit on Vimeo.


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Think vertical!
MadMapper was used for the « Vertical Map » experimental audiovisual installation. this video installation was set in Marseille by the collective « illusion.research.light  »

VERTICALE MAP // ILLUSION RESEARCH LAB // VIDEO MAPPING from illusion.research.light on Vimeo.

Kuala Lumpur Audio-Visual Performance by PRYMEDIA

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A modul8 + MadMapper audiovisual performance in Kuala lumpur – Malaysia. A nice aerial video installation and videos made out of circles


Kuala Lumpur Audio-Visual Performance from PRYMEDIA on Vimeo.

Wrapping Illusions by Azael Ferrer

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A Kinetic Interactive audio visual installation using LED lights controlled  with MadMapper +Kinect+servo controlled board +VDMX  and Quartz composer.
more info on!wrapping-illusions/c1v1r 


PARADIGM + Madmapper for Laurent Garnier

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A long time Modul8 and mapping fanatic, Diez and his collective PARADIGM got a hold of a beta of MadMapper to augment their installation for a 5 hour dj set by Laurent Garnier.

It is a very simple but elegant approach that we will simply be seeing a lot more of once the MadMapper is released. A nice break from the monotony of seeing so many screens at 4:3 aspect ratio. The MadMapper will push everyone to get into starting to get physical with their work and create sculptures that they can augment with video.

Niño Viejo collective uses MadMapper at Lunchmeat

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Installation of NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat FestivalInstallation of NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat Festival
Photos: Bego M. Santiago

An appropriate follow up to yesterdays post: The artist Bego M. Santiago is a vital part of the Niño Viejo is a collective. What inspires me about this Spain based collective is that they merge the usual VJing and commercial work with socially conscious art projects.

I was delighted to know that the Lunchmeat Festival in Prague invited Niño Viejo to do a special installation. I had performed at the first edition of Lunchmeat last year. It had produced one of the most memorable audio visual installation type performances I have ever seen.

NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat
Photo: Boris Edelstein

While we are very strict about who is able to use the MadMapper prior to its release an exception was made and we are very happy with the results.

Sergi Palau of Niño Viejo writes:

The Lunchmeat Festival from Prague invited NiñoViejo this ddition for a 2 weeks residency to make a project for the festival.

Our project consisted of 16 panel, 3 meters tall and 1 meter wide with separations separated in-between them, so that they worked like independent screens and completely covered the back of the stage.

The images that we projected were on the human body in movement and mapping the panels we could use them like a complete screen or 16 independent ones that allowed us to deconstruct and then construct these bodies in movement.

NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat
Photo: Boris Edelstein

With 3 projectors and a matrox triplehead we could cover the 16 panels, and with MadMapper we could map all these panels in many different ways with the result that with the same image we have several different looks: sometimes seeing the complete and normal picture acros the 16 panels, another times deconstructing the picture, fragmenting and repeating, in mirror, like a kaleidoscope, a videomosaic, etc.

Madmapper turned out to be a tool of incredible facility and versatility of handling and configuration, and, simultaneously, of a superb performance, since you could infinitely repeat the mapped quads without affecting the performance of the videos even working with high resolutions.

As you all know by now, the official release is set for May 26th at this years edition of the Mapping Festival. We are looking forward to this date just as much as you.

MadMapper + Modul8 2.6.2 and more…

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MadMapper logo


MadMapper: Official Release event and four day workshop

The MadMapper is a tool for simplifying the process of mapping projections onto physical surfaces. The software is a collaboration between Modul8 Team and 1024 Architecture. It uses an OS X 10.6 framework called Syphon, so that you can use Modul8 and MadMapper together in order to map existing content you have created for use in Modul8. Additionally MadMapper can be used with any other software that supports Syphon, like Quarz Composer, VDMX, Max/Msp/Jitter and many others.

We are pleased to announce that the launch event will take place on May 26th during this years edition of the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland.

A four day workshop will take place on the dates surrounding the release of MadMapper. For more information about this workshop and how to apply for it acces the following link:

You need to apply before April 25th to be a part of this special four day event.
Participation is limited so don’t hesitate to apply!

The MadMapper will be available for purchase online for 300€.

If you already own a license of Modul8 there will be a 100€ discount off the full price!
Exclusive launch discount!

Anyone who attends the launch event in Geneva will be able to purchase MadMapper with the 100€ discount regardless of their owning an existing license of Modul8.

Modul8 2.6.2 update

With the release of MadMapper we will be releasing an update of Modul8 v2.6.2. This new version provides compatibility with MadMapper as well as addressing a number of minor fixes and changes. The update is free and will be available through the yourspace page ( and can be accessed using your serial number.

What to expect in the coming months

Modul8 printed manual

A beautifully printed, full color manual, in English or French, will be available for purchase. This long anticipated printed manual is recommended for first time users and can be purchased with a boxed version of Modul8 that includes a Modul8 t-shirt and stickers.

Online module manual

We are close to making an online module manual available that provides basic as well as in-depth, step by step tutorials on the creation of modules within Modul8. The manual was written by the seasoned module creator Gaell Abegg (aka VJ Lupin) and provides extensive information about the features and capabilities of module creation that will help you further unlock the hidden powers of Modul8.

Mapping Festival 2011 Program and tickets online!

The 7th edition of Mapping Festival that will take place on May 19th through 29th, 2011 in Geneva, Switzlerland is only one month away! All program details are now online.
You can purchase your early-bird tickets, before joining us for these 10 unforgettable days.

Best wishes,
The Modul8 Team


MadMapper: Sortie officielle et workshop de quatre jours.

Le MadMapper est un outil pour simplifier le procédé projection video sur des surfaces physiques. Ce logiciel est une collaboration entre l’équipe Modul8 et 1024 architecture. Il utilise le framework Syphon sur MacOSX, permettant à Modul8 et MadMapper de fonctionner ensemble vous laissant utiliser vos compositions en temps réel. MadMapper peut aussi être utilisé avec n’importe quel logiciel qui supporte Syphon comme par exemple Quartz Composer, VDMX, Max MSP Jitter et beaucoup d’autres.

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que la sortie officielle de MadMapper se déroulera pendant le Mapping Festival à Genève le 26 Mai.

Un workshop de quatre jours aura lieu pour cette occasion. Pour plus d’informations à ce propos, rendez-vous sur la page

Les places étant très limitées, inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour participer à ce workshop. Date limite d’inscription le 25 avril.

MadMapper pourra être acheté en ligne pour le prix de 300€.

Si vous êtes propriétaire d’une licence Modul8, une réduction de 100€ vous sera accordé. Ce même rabais sera exceptionnellement proposé aux personnes présentes le 26 Mai lors de l’évenement au Mapping festival.

Mise à jour Modul8 2.6.2

En même temps que MadMapper nous sortirons aussi une mise à jour Modul8. Cette nouvelle version (2.6.2) apportera la compatibilité avec MadMapper et corrigera un certain nombre de bugs mineurs. Cette mise à jour sera gratuite pour tous les utilisateurs de Modul8 2.6 et sera disponible sur la page yourspace ( ) Vous pouvez accéder cette page à l’aide de votre numéro de série.

À prévoir ces prochains mois

Manuel Imprimé de Modul8

Un manuel imprimé, en couleur, en anglais et en français sera disponible à l’achat. Ce manuel est recommandé à tous les nouveaux utilisateurs et pourra aussi être acheté avec une version boite de Modul8 incluant un t-shirt et des autocollants.

Documentation en ligne des modules

Nous sommes très proche de la finalisation d’un manuel en ligne pour la création de modules. Ce manuel exhaustif contiendra autant des informations basiques que poussées sur la programmation de modules. Il a été écrit par Gael Abegg aka VJ Lupin, créateur de puissants modules. Vous pourrez grâce à lui découvrir et profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités cachées de Modul8.

Mapping Festival 2011 Le programme et la billetterie sont en ligne!

La 7e édition du Mapping Festival se déroulera du 19 au 29 mai 2011 à Genève (Suisse), dans seulement un mois! Le programme en détail est en ligne. Vous pouvez dès à présent acheter vos tickets en ligne

Meilleurs salutations
L’équipe Modul8

Mapping Festival 2011 (7th edition)

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Mapping Festival 2011

This years edition is upon us. Once again, 10 days of video projection art in its multitude of flavors of performance, installations, workshops, presentations and clubbing all unfolding within the birthplace of Modul8, Geneva, Switzerland.

The photo in the above graphic was created by Modul8 team member and co-founder Boris Edelstein. And yes! MadMapper was used, but in a way one would least expect. As always, the simple solution is best! Get the model to fool around with the software for a bit, tighten up things
and voila! There really is nothing more powerfully compelling to look at then the human form, and even more so when adding projections to it.

As always, the focus is on the art of projection. So why not try to make that part of everything including the promotional material?

And here my brief copy ends and the Mapping Team copy begins.

<< Begin >>

This year the festival will focus on the technical aspects of video mapping, i.e. video-projection on surfaces that is one of the fastest growing art mediums in the world. Highlights include:

– Video projection on bodies by our 2011 visual.
The official release of MadMapper, a new video mapping software created by GarageCUBE (Modul8) and 1024_architecture. The release will be accompanied by an exclusive 3 day workshop.
– A mapping workshop presented by Get Festival from Porto, Portugal.

To quell your hightened anticipation check out the listing of our lineup. If you thought you missed out last year, then don’t make the same mistake again! You will have more information soon, be patient!

Boris Petrovsky / Legoman, Thomas Vaquié & Mandril / The Montesinos Foundation & Petter Viaselfebb / City Media Project (HEAD) / Manuel Chantre / FAIL / Kit Webster / Camille Scherrer

A/V Performances:
Manuel Chantre / Udosson:// mredit / Greie Gut Fraktion / People Like Us / Ioann Maria & Wojtek Wcislik / Fernando Velàzquez & Francisco Lapetina / Chloé Mazlo & Son Of A Pitch / ExLex / AV:IN / Legoman & Stray Dogs / Zan Lyons / Pascal Greco & Goodbye Ivan / Krash On Earth / Murat Ombombe / 35Plis / Transforma & Yro / Recoil Performance Group / Iduun / Cagoule / The Erasers / Supermafia / VJ Fader / Antistatic Family

Workshops / Lecture:
MadMapping / Body Double-HEAD / M’S &M – Modeling, Manufacturing & Mapping (Get Set Festival, Portugal) / Vimeo / Modul8 / AV:in

Visual clubbing:
Kate Moross / Cumulus / VJ Fader / Union by Motion / David Wilson / Drawvolution / Neon Golden / Dub Video Connection / Neal Coghlan / Pixel Legion / Video Olympic / Indefinite VJ / VJ Optika / VJ Spetto & VJ Zaz / Skylab / Emilie Bourquin / Lupin / Steaknet

Audio clubbing:
Simian Mobile Disco / D.I.M / Electric Rescue / Fukkk Offf / D1 – All in feat. Jenna G / Da Krew / DJ Die / Water Lilly (live) / Junction SM (Sonja Moonear & Dandy Jack) / Oneman / The Hiiters (Live AV) / Unknown to the Unknown / MC Crazy D / Dachshund / Dirty Mad Sound / Born Björg / Franky Digital / Ina D / Nemelka / Opuswerk / Shadow Dancer

<< End >>

There you have it. Plenty of reasons to make a trip to Geneva.

3D Bridge / Report #2

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For the Nuit Blanche 2010 festival, 1024 Architecture designed a 20 tons scaffolding structure built on top of the Saint Louis Bridge, downtown Paris. Part of this project was included in the initial prototype that was used for developing the MadMapper. The show consisted of a 12 minute looping audio reactive visual set.

Indoors Video Mapping Tambuatã Club, Petrópolis, Itaipava, In the state of Rio de Janiero

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Indoors Video Mapping @ Tambuatã Club -- Itaipava / Petrópolis- Rio De Janeiro - Brazil

Next to 1024architecture and Modul8 Team, The UNITED VJ collective has been one of our primary on-site testers of the MadMapper. They have their own unique approach and have been getting the MadMapper into some interesting and large installations in Brazil and these experiences have been very helpful to us for feedback. Especially because they have been incorporating it into a larger workflow with a lot of different tools.

Indoors Video Mapping @ Tambuatã Club -- Itaipava / Petrópolis- Petrópolis, Itaipava - Brazil

Some extra interface exposure here for you. The grid mesh deformer in action. This is an older build of the MadMapper interface. We can’t show the current one because it has been changing quite a bit. Interface design is an art form. You can feel this when using Modul8 and the team is taking the time to get that same feeling with the MadMapper for your projection mapping pleasure.

Legoman paces MadMapper

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Legoman in the Conges, Brussles

Seasoned projection artist Legoman, known for his layering of screens and collaborations with AntiVJ is one of the fortunate few who has had access to testing early alpha versions of MadMapper.

After receiving these images interviewed him briefly about his experience using the MadMapper in relation the the images.

<< start >>

md8: What what ideas you were trying to explore with the project?

Legoman: It was just a small unpretentious VJset. The evening was organized in a train station without any infrastructure for video, nothing to hang something from the ceiling and without a big budget. The idea was to find a easy way to integrate video into the site without needing a complicated and expensive technical system. Therefore we chose to project onto the ceiling with 2 wery wide angle projectors placed on the ground.

Legoman Modul8/MadMapper screeshot

md8: How did the MadMapper help you?

Legoman: The ceiling was composed of square tiles. To successfully integrate video into the place, we needed to map these tiles to create a kind of « video mosaic. » MadMapper helped us to quickly create this mosaic, correct the distortions of perspective, and make different presets of tiles. Without MadMapper it it would have been very hard to do that as quickly and efficiently.

The result was artistically very interesting and surprising. The sofware has allowed us to very well integrated in the place visuals not created especially for this event.

<< end >>

The point best illustrated in this article is how easy it is to create mappings with the MadMapper while using your existing content within Modul8. Creating something truly site specific still takes a lot of work, and that is true in most cases anyway, the MadMapper does allow for a more spontaneous mode of exploring this fast growing area of projection art.


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Mid last month my friend fRED was approached by some colleagues of his to create an installation for one night in a new working space here in Berlin called House Of Clouds. There idea was to have an open house followed by a party to promote the space. For fRED and I to work together, an opportunity to have a free creative hand, test out the MadMapper and work with another friend, ElectricKettle who does breakcore music but has been interested in collaborating with me on something for a long time.

Installation at the 2011 Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin

Prior to this project fRED and I did some VJing together and when the MadMapper emerged for me in its incubative form he used it at this years Chaos Computer Congress. He and I were both interested in using wood. I have seen this used before. MXZEHN explored this type of material and I had seen other examples, namely a huge structure created in one of the previous editions of Burning Man. The above photos is almost all I have of the structure sans the projections on it as I did not stay for the event due to a heavy workload at the time.

fRED and I reviewed the photos provided by House Of Clouds and decided on a particular room, the one pictured above. We liked the stage and the distances from it to the walls appeared to be appropriate for the distances that were needed to get a decent projection on the sculpture I had in mind.

Our initial impression of the room was dictated by photos provided. If there is no person standing in the space while the photo is taken, and there wasn’t then one can have no sense of proportion. When we finally got to see it in person it was a lot larger then we thought and I was a little worried that the sculpture I had in mind would be too small.

We measured the entire space using a handy little laser measuring device from BOSCH. I highly recommend getting one of these. Gone are the days when you have to use a measuring tape where someone has to hold the other end. Just place the base of the BOSCH device on the wall, press a button and the laser measures the distance between the two walls.

view #1

With these measurements fRED created a 3D model. The above is a rendering that helped up pre-visualise what we were getting into.

Conceptually I really wanted to work with a free standing structure with horizontal and vertical lines. I knew that visually, because our eyes see things in perspective, that it would still be chaotic looking. I also wanted to break away from the one point perspective and allow people to walk around the structure and look at it from various perspectives. That there are no large surfaces was part of my desire to move away from the ‘image’ projected on a surface akin to film and allow the viewer to create their own ‘image’ by observing the structure as it was transformed by light and sound.

I also was not interested in performing with the installation. I wanted to see if we could create an engaging and dynamic enough experience that was a video loop where nobody would realize it was a video loop. An ambient room that will allow people to stay there for a bit, go away, come back and never realize that there is a beginning, middle or end.

While we were working on the model met up with ElectricKettle and I discussed some of the sounds I wanted him to create. I had some specific ideas, sounds that would accommodate the impression I wanted to give that the structure could disappear and reappear. I demonstrated these ideas of sound imitating what I had in my mind to him: ‘whoooooosh…. boooo’ and so on.

Naked wood

We were lucky to have the space three days prior to the date of the event. The first day we would build and set up the projectors, the second day work on the mapping and the animations and the third day, the day of the installation, we would put in the finishing touches.

By using exact measurements from the 3D modeler we were using fRED was able to somewhat accurately recreate what we had visualized and in the end the sculpture appeared to fill the space more then we thought with a few minor alterations due to the throw of the projectors we had not being wide enough.


The MadMapper made it extremely easy to do what we wanted to do in a fraction of the time it usually takes to do it. During the night the shelves we created for the projectors ‘settled’ and while it was still a bit of work it was not nearly as much work if we had used any other tool I can think of.


Production wise I used a traditional compositing animation tool that I will not name here. The above is a frame I grabbed of how we created the file so that we could create segments of color and form that we would use as sources in MadMapper. It was a rather abstract way of working that was a nice exercise for the mind that thankfully created a sensation in the final output, that is, what was projected onto the sculpture. In a previous installation I used a whole series of loops and triggered them using a timeline in Ableton Live with two MacBook Pros, the network module slaved to the more powerful laptop of the two I had. The problem with this was that inevitably the audio would not sync up properly with the triggering of the loops. The audience did not see it, but I did. Since I did not want to work with loops I went for creating big video with audio so that nothing would go out of sync. Having a Mac Pro It also made me think of how I really need to think about some better tools for this kind of thing.

150 quads

We used up to 150 quads for this project. I am not sure if anyone else in our internal test team has done this, and it definitely was not part of any particular goal. The main goals being to create a work made entirely by the members of the collaboration, to get as much of the piece ready given the time that we had and still create something that people could experience without noticing any particular beginning, middle or end, and finally document it properly.

This documentation process is very important to me. For me it has always been difficult to get it right. I took a lot of time lapse photos, but I also took a lot of video footage. In the end the time lapses were much more befitting the vision I had. I was not so much interested in trying to replicate the experience as I don’t think that is really possible, but more to create documentation that was an art piece in itself.

I think I could probably write a whole lot of ideas here about the project, but this has already gone on much too long.

Now with this project behind us we have learned several things. First, I have found a team of people whom I can share a common vision with, each of us know our roles and how to best fulfill them. We also all have an excitement and vision of what we want to do when we get together again for the next project. One experience will build on the next and I look forward to sharing it.

Mad Mapper / 1024architecture lighting up tennis the court

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TETRA.TENNIS v3.0 from 1024 on Vimeo.

Those bewildered by a photo from an earlier post now can now get a full experience of what it must be like during a break time at the French Masters series in Paris Bercy / 2010. 1024architecture clearly rolls their own with a custom solution. But the Mad Mapper saves them from having to concern themselves with wasting time on mapping, allowing them to focus on what is mapped… to the tennis court.

1024architecture at PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE in Lyon

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PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE from 1024 on Vimeo.

MadMapper proves itself again in the highly capable hands of its co-creators 1024architecture. One of the things I have always liked about the work of this team is how accessible and expressive it is. More importantly, and as it should be, the mapping segment of the production process is greatly reduced allowing the team to focus on the experience of the audience, as is in plane view in this excellent documentation. Extra brownie points for the humorous element that is especially present in this particular work, not to mention the simple and effective interactivity. For more technical information about the project see the blog entry on the 1024architecture blog.

1024architecture bends and nukes a church

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1024architecture tests a church mapping
As we move forward with development of the Mad Mapper our deadlines are neatly tied to the deadlines of projects created by 1024 architecture. The current project is fairly straight forward but no less dazzling then what this team is known for.

Mad Mapper, Post Budapest

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The presentation of Mad Mapper has generated some buzz. On the CDM website an article about Syphon included a brief mention of the Mad Mapper.

Within our own internal realm 1024 is already using the Mad Mapper for one of their projects with the French Masters Series, in conjunction with their own Tetra.Tennis application.

Mad Mapper fun
For my own ends, I found it inspiring to just play around with Mad Mapper without even connecting a projector. Its kind of like a poor mans 3D stage visualization tool, but a lot simpler, allowing me to visualize ideas without an existing space.

MadMapper presentation/workshop

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Yesterday we made our first public presentation of an alpha version of MadMapper, a real time video mapping tool. The tool allows you to map video projections to physical surfaces in real time.


The MadMapper was presented by Frz of 1024architecture and Boris as part of one of the workshops held by Cinetrip VJ Tourna in Budapest.

Frz and I spent the earlier part of the day setting up the boxes. He quickly made a simple QuartzComposer setup to test things out and then I stepped in for a bit to try it out myself.

The presentation was short, starting with a smaller projector to show how the interface worked and then showing how the software worked. Boris demonstrated how Modul8 works with the MadMapper and then everyone was provided with a limited version of the MadMapper in its current state so they could try it out themselves in three different places in the empty apartment building provided by the festival, including the court yard.

Here is a breakdown of the current features:
– Real time mapping using ‘quads’ with four corners
– Infinite ‘quads’
– Will work with one output or a triple or dual head2go.
– Usable with any live video performance application on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Boris sets it up with MadMapper

So how does it work? The interface consists of three areas, on the left edge is the layers window where you can select and re-arrange your quads. The center panel displays your video application output where you select regions of your output to be mapped into the quads. The right side is for deforming the quads to fit whatever surfaces you want to map.

With images and people

MadMapper Room 2

Despite the software being in an alpha state, it performed very smoothly no matter how many quads I added. Having used Perspective transform in its various forms through the years and then recently the MapMapMap module, this was a whole other level. Being able to see results immediately, not just on the surfaces of the objects I was mapping, but also within the application itself made the whole process a lot of fun. I was able to use existing material within Modul8 and arrange them as textures.

For the moment we still have a long way to go with this tool. I am not at liberty to provide details about the additional features planned and timeline for the release. What we do know is that based on the reaction of the attendees we have something simple and very useful that we are really excited to work on. I recall a very similar type of excitement when I first started using Modul8.

More photos are available on our flickr account.