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#15 Artist Interview: VJ Vigas

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“I like MadMapper. I feel comfortable using it because I’m following the evolution of the software since the first version.” by VJ Vigas.


MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?   
Leandro Mendes aka VJ Vigas: I began my research in audiovisual performances in university in 2003, where I presented a live performance mixing images with music. In 2012, I won the international VJs tournament Videozone. In 2013, I won the 1st place of the three editions of the competition VJ TORNA International, held in Mexico City (Mexico), Rome (Italy) and Cape Town (South Africa). I was repeating the feat in May 2014 in the city of Istanbul in Turkey.


MadMapper 2.0 Release

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MadMapper 2.0 Available now


The MADTeam, 1024 Architecture and GarageCube are proud to announce MadMapper 2.0.

There are so many new features blow your mind and no more excuse not to post your new creation on our social network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see your magic with your favorite software, MadMapper 2.0. Stay turn for our new pdf and video tutorials.

Upgrade is free for all users who purchased the software in 2015 ! 

If you purchased before 2015 the price is 69 EURO (excl.vat, standard or academic version). For multiple computers upgrade plan, please log onto  to get the price for your current version. New users can purchase MadMapper 2.0 now for 320 EURO (excl.vat).



Requirements : OSX 10.7 or later

Full 64 bits application

+ New retina user interface

+ New media playback engine (using FFMPEG or AVFoundation)

+ Multiple media input

+ Optimised OpenGL graphic engine for Faster & Smoother outputs with multiple projectors

+ Native support for DeckLink BlackMagic cards

+ Native HAP codec support on Yosemite 10.10

+ 3D Objects surfaces (.OBJ files)

+ 6 points automatic 3D Object Calibration

+ Realtime lights and shadows on 3D surfaces

+ Edition of 3D object’s texture coordinates

+ 2D LED scanner: auto address LED pixels or line fixtures

+ Generate lines from SVG file and 3D surface

+ Export to miniMAD

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.21.39

Additional Features

+ Artnet router for new LED protocols using Arduino

+ LED’s BlinkyTile & BlinkyTape support

+ Makey makey support

+ Surface handle position in pixels

+ Play animated GIFs

+ Controls for all media parameters

+ Offline media status

+ Camera resolution selection

+ Copy/paste line animation settings

+ Copy/paste controls settings (MIDI/OSC/DMX…)

+ Replace media option (right click over media)

+ Export of a single fixture definition

+ Improved position control of line animation (from MIDI/OSC etc.)

+ OSC channel list window is now resizable with (2 scrollable columns)

+ Easy create quad surface by drag & dropping movie onto output preview window

+ Easy import 3D surface by drag & dropping*.Obj file on output preview window

+ LED control (with DMX/ArtNet output) now works with no screen attached to your computer

Screenshot 2015-07-30 15.11.13New Mad_Lab: MadRouter

MadRouter is an easy bridge different control protocols:

  • MIDI
  • OSC
  • ArtNet
  • EnttecPro USB DMX
  • ShowJockey DMX
  • Audio input with BPM detection
  • Playstation 3&4 controllers
  • Leap Motion
  • LED devices
  • Computer keyboard
  • and even Python scripting !

Mappathon 2015 in NYC

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Hello Future Mappers !
Let’s Get Cozy with Projection in This Cold Winter!!
Sign up the early bird special by March 14 for the Next #Mappathon Session in NYC to learn #MadMapper and #Modul8 ! This workshop is  limited to 15 participants.


Tutorial: Run MadMapper Project at system startup

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A new Tutorial For madMapper is available on MadMapper tutorial’s Pages:
« Run MadMapper Project at system startup »

2 ways to run MadMapper project at System startup for your Installations.


SBDX4 Workshop – Bordeaux

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IMG 3517 WEB

1024 architecture and Garagecube are currently conducting a workshop  at Darwin ecosystem-  Bordeaux.  5 video artists from Bordeaux area joined this workshop to build a light installation for the digital week  #SDBX4 . This art piece made out of 5x 3d digital clock characters will be installed on the front of the Bordeaux’s city hall from the 12th of september

IMG 3491 WEB

IMG 3500 WEB

IMG 3482 WEB

Three Moons Augmented Painting installation

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Three Moons Augmented Painting installation is a symbolic interesting work created by the Berlin based Audiovisual Artist Jacques-André DUPONT  for the B-Seite Jetzkultur . MadMapper was used to perform the visual Mapping.

THREE MOONS – Augmented Paintings Installation from JACQUES-ANDRE DUPONT on Vimeo.

Angle project • Tetra 01

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Tetra 01 is an audiovisual installation part of the project « ANGLE » produced by Piero Fragola and Thomas Pizzinga.
more info on


Angle • Tetra01 // Official Teaser from Angle on Vimeo.

Twist – Design Preis Switzerland

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Benjamin Muzzin and Mathieu Rivier used Madmapper to map on a gigantic Structure made of a 15 km Wool Strings . this event  took place in Langenthal’s Markthalle for a special event, the Design Prize Switzerland, which is held every two years. ‘Twist’ was originally conceived for an exhibition commissioned by Lantal, a leader in the design, production, and distribution of textiles and services for the international community of aircraft, bus, railway, and cruise ship operators.
The main inspiration comes from the fascinating machines used in Lantal’s factories to assemble all of their threads together to make one single piece of fabric. ‘Twist’ intends to put in light this hidden process of fabrication, with hundreds of strings all across a room with video projection giving them motion.

Wrapping Illusions by Azael Ferrer

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A Kinetic Interactive audio visual installation using LED lights controlled  with MadMapper +Kinect+servo controlled board +VDMX  and Quartz composer.
more info on!wrapping-illusions/c1v1r 


PARADIGM + Madmapper for Laurent Garnier

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A long time Modul8 and mapping fanatic, Diez and his collective PARADIGM got a hold of a beta of MadMapper to augment their installation for a 5 hour dj set by Laurent Garnier.

It is a very simple but elegant approach that we will simply be seeing a lot more of once the MadMapper is released. A nice break from the monotony of seeing so many screens at 4:3 aspect ratio. The MadMapper will push everyone to get into starting to get physical with their work and create sculptures that they can augment with video.

Niño Viejo collective uses MadMapper at Lunchmeat

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Installation of NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat FestivalInstallation of NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat Festival
Photos: Bego M. Santiago

An appropriate follow up to yesterdays post: The artist Bego M. Santiago is a vital part of the Niño Viejo is a collective. What inspires me about this Spain based collective is that they merge the usual VJing and commercial work with socially conscious art projects.

I was delighted to know that the Lunchmeat Festival in Prague invited Niño Viejo to do a special installation. I had performed at the first edition of Lunchmeat last year. It had produced one of the most memorable audio visual installation type performances I have ever seen.

NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat
Photo: Boris Edelstein

While we are very strict about who is able to use the MadMapper prior to its release an exception was made and we are very happy with the results.

Sergi Palau of Niño Viejo writes:

The Lunchmeat Festival from Prague invited NiñoViejo this ddition for a 2 weeks residency to make a project for the festival.

Our project consisted of 16 panel, 3 meters tall and 1 meter wide with separations separated in-between them, so that they worked like independent screens and completely covered the back of the stage.

The images that we projected were on the human body in movement and mapping the panels we could use them like a complete screen or 16 independent ones that allowed us to deconstruct and then construct these bodies in movement.

NiñoViejo at Lunchmeat
Photo: Boris Edelstein

With 3 projectors and a matrox triplehead we could cover the 16 panels, and with MadMapper we could map all these panels in many different ways with the result that with the same image we have several different looks: sometimes seeing the complete and normal picture acros the 16 panels, another times deconstructing the picture, fragmenting and repeating, in mirror, like a kaleidoscope, a videomosaic, etc.

Madmapper turned out to be a tool of incredible facility and versatility of handling and configuration, and, simultaneously, of a superb performance, since you could infinitely repeat the mapped quads without affecting the performance of the videos even working with high resolutions.

As you all know by now, the official release is set for May 26th at this years edition of the Mapping Festival. We are looking forward to this date just as much as you.

Indoors Video Mapping Tambuatã Club, Petrópolis, Itaipava, In the state of Rio de Janiero

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Indoors Video Mapping @ Tambuatã Club -- Itaipava / Petrópolis- Rio De Janeiro - Brazil

Next to 1024architecture and Modul8 Team, The UNITED VJ collective has been one of our primary on-site testers of the MadMapper. They have their own unique approach and have been getting the MadMapper into some interesting and large installations in Brazil and these experiences have been very helpful to us for feedback. Especially because they have been incorporating it into a larger workflow with a lot of different tools.

Indoors Video Mapping @ Tambuatã Club -- Itaipava / Petrópolis- Petrópolis, Itaipava - Brazil

Some extra interface exposure here for you. The grid mesh deformer in action. This is an older build of the MadMapper interface. We can’t show the current one because it has been changing quite a bit. Interface design is an art form. You can feel this when using Modul8 and the team is taking the time to get that same feeling with the MadMapper for your projection mapping pleasure.