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Smart Christmas Billboard Mapping

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MO:YA Media recently created a Mobile video Mapping using MadMapper as a video mapping solution.

For the promotion of a pre-Christmas edition of maplab a visual laboatory in Graz – austria, MO:YA media created a public open air video installation using a mobile video projection system .




Pixel Tape Compile by James Penry

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Pixel tape compile -video of a #MadMapper #madlight installation running live video to a wall made with 600 meters of Pixeltape driven by madmapper and 6x Advatech Pixlite 16 over 90 universes of artnet.

Quad Surface Mask quick tutorial

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You are new to madmapper 2 and you would like to know about ‪#‎MadMapper‬’s basic knowledge ?
Here’s a Quad surface mask quick ‪#‎tutorial‬
you can also access it form the review page

MadLight Demo by JeanFrançois Graignic

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Jean François Graignic is a french light engineer who works with MadMapper.
He wrote a nice tutorial to use MadMapper 2 with ArtNET that you can download at this address:

He published recently 2 demonstration video about Madlight feature, one in english the other one in french



How to De-Authorize MadMapper mini tutorial

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A Mini Tutorial is available on our vimeo page

how to De-Authorize / Authorize MadMapper from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.

You might need to reauthorise MadMapper when you have to repair your computer, format the Hard drive, sell your computer or just need to use MadMapper on another computer

Stabat Mater – Jacopo Castellano

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Jacopo Castellano
 worked with Magdeburg Opernhaus for the production of the ballet-opera “Stabat Mater”  where the  winning combo MadMapper/Modul8 were used and were « essential tools during the production process » .
Stabat Materis a ballett by Gonzalo Galguera, music by von Gioacchino Rossini, Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Choreography: Gonzalo Galguera, visuals: Jacopo Castellano, Magdeburg Opernhaus). More infos at


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1024 Architecture  co creator of MadMapper with GarageCube, did a Fully controlled, mapped, and live script Show with MadMapper 2.1 on the Darwin’s Vortex created by 1024 architcture. This vortex party featuring 1024 and Vitalic was an event of the Ocean Climax Festival in Bordeaux.


RICE Mapping – world's smallest video mapping

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Does Size matters? Apparently not!

Rice Mapping is the world’s smallest video mapping ever. Drill Tokyo ’s creative team created this amazing video mapping performance on a single rice grain using #MadMapper . This work was presented during the Tokyo design week in Milano- Itlay – from 4 to 19 april 2015.

We created the world’s smallest projection mapping that brings together Japan’s ancient values and state-of-the-art technology. As it is being viewed, the texture of the “rice” begins to change so that it is no longer just rice. This reflects the ancient Japanese belief in shogyo mujo (the impermanence of worldly things), which is embodied in the saying: “all creation is infinitely transitory with forms and values changing in each moment.”
Drill is an ultimate creative team that uses all possible means to achieve goals including: strategy, advertising, promotion, content, product, digital, event, and PR.
This project was created in collaboration with aircord (system development), Maxilla (video production), and Yuki Precision (precision machining). »

Drill Tokyo

MAPLAB Three – video review

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from june 3-7th, 2015 , GarageCube supported the MAPLAB three at Spring Festival in Graz – Austria . Here’s a video review of this event featuring MO:YA visuals,László Zsolt Bordos and Ayoba, a media art collective from Korea .MapLab is a laboratory for visual art and 3d Mapping using MadMapper.

more info about maplab:
about mo:ya visuals :

The City is London – Ithaca audio

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The City is London is a mashup music video created by Ithaca. Ithaca Audio is a creative audio company from Brighton – UK .
This video used resolume for the video content and streamed through syphon and mapped in MadMapper.

more info about Ithaca :

Projecting West by Craig Winslow

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MadMapper supports a great Kickstater project from Craig Winslow where two video adventurers will cross the USA territory during 15 days in June 2015. 15 of daily immersive video Mapping projections illustrating a westward adventure from Portland (ME) to Portland (OR) using MadMapper

Projecting West — Kickstarter Teaser from Craig Winslow on Vimeo.


You can back this project until June, 1st

Project page:

Creator’s project article about the project:

WINGS – Kinetic sculpture by AV Exciters

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WINGS is a magical Light Kinetic Sculpture created by Jeremie Bellot, Josselin Beaumont and Sebastien Schnabel from AV Exciters (Visuaal label) during the Electron Festival @ Le Zoo (Geneva). This Kinetic Installation used Led 3D tubes and DMX Motors Controlled via Quartz Composer , VDMX & MadMapper


LEVEL by team IF

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LEVEL is a Project created by  Team IF  and made with MadMapper by our dears friends Cinzia Kamp (who was a teammate of 1024 architecture) & Erminio Serpente .
This installation was presented within the entry hall of the ‘Machine du Moulin Rouge’ in #Paris.

LEVEL from IF on Vimeo.


Art remixed on Michelangelo's David – Thesis work

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on February 27, Valentina Calabrese  presented a video piece called « Art remixed on Michelangelo’s David « at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. This project was made with MadMapper and the video mapping was achieved by studio who also was the thesis supervisor


Bear stage by DuckUnit

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 DuckUnit‬ is a company based in Thailand. A Hug Teddy bare made of LED lights and video was built for the T.E.D (Thailand Electronic Dance) at the Big Mountain Music Festival. This installation was built with #MadMapper with ‪#‎Modul8‬ and ‪‎#MadMapper‬

"JACK" Mapping Sculpture by Motomichi Studio

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« JACK » is projection Mapping Sculpture by Motomichi Nakamura  made with MadMapper

This Projection Mapping Sculpture installation work commissioned by MARCO, MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO DE MONTERREY as part of Pictoplasma’s « Character Portraits » exhibition.

ANGLE – Tetra02 Official Teaser

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TETRA 02 is the title of ANGLE’s new live set using MadMapper’s Madlight feature + Arduino to control the show.

more info on
Official Page:

New MadLines by Tving

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Tiving Stage Design, released this nice video that demonstrates ‘s madmapper 1.7  new #madlines in action.

Workshop MADMAPPER / 3D LED fashion 2014 review

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During the LED Fashion workshop at the Mapping Festival in May 2014 we unveiled some of the new features that are currently embedded with MadMapper version 1.7 that has just been released.

Workshop MADMAPPER / 3D LED fashion 2014 from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.

A video review of the MadMapper LED Fashion workshop during the Mapping Festival 2014 in Geneva – Switzerland.

BL_ND Live Paint-mapping by ONDE

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BL_ND is a Live Paint mapping  performance from the collective ONDÉ .This project that uses Modul8 and MadMapper was  presented at La Gaîté Lyrique – and the #BAM Festival – Liège. BL_ND is a collaboration between the street artist BLO and the audiovisual artist Jacques-André Dupont where the agents « light » and « paint » are co-defining composition, texture, mouvement and rythm in real-time.


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INFINITE is an elegant, sharp and minimalist  audiovisual installation  from Liu Chang & Miao Jing from the  NYU-ITP,  (a school  focusing on interactive, visual & sound) made with MadMapper.

The experience is an encounter with c’est a marvelous spectacle. Then the projection and the sound add up within the space interleaving. Infinite is a unique experience, or an atmosphere, like when one is immersed in a mountain, a waterfall or a cliff in infusive perceptions.

Infinite from Hibanana Studio on Vimeo.

James Vincent McMorrow – "Look Out" video

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The Shadow Lab  studio located in Dublin created a crystallized Video mapping scenography  for Vincent McMorrow’s « Look Out » video. The animation created for the video  was  runned by Modul8 and Mapped by MadMapper.

//CREDITS Director: Emma J Doyle Lighting Design: Conor Jacob Director of Photography: JJ Rolfe Animation/Mapping: Anthony Murphy

MadMapper video tutorial by Joey Shanks – PBS Digital Studio

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Joey Shanks from PBS Digital Studio released a clear and nice Mapping Video introduction video tutorial for filmmakers.

More info at:


MadMapper Leap motion control

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Alex Reche one of our talented MadMapper engineer made this amazing demo of MadMapper control with a Leap Motion Controller . This feature will come soon for everyone.

Three Moons Augmented Painting installation

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Three Moons Augmented Painting installation is a symbolic interesting work created by the Berlin based Audiovisual Artist Jacques-André DUPONT  for the B-Seite Jetzkultur . MadMapper was used to perform the visual Mapping.

THREE MOONS – Augmented Paintings Installation from JACQUES-ANDRE DUPONT on Vimeo.

Mad Line project for the "White Tower" Festival

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StereoNoize a visual artist and Visual art Teacher From Tyumen – Russia, created this organic stage design and used MAD_Line to map the structure.

RGB LED Tubes MadMapper by Luna VJ

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Luna VJ from Spain, created a Stage design for a club involving Madmapper and lights using RGB LED tubes. This video shows how they designed and assembled standard RGB LED tubes

RGB LED TUBES MADMAPPER from lunavj on Vimeo.

VOLCANO by Studio Corium

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Our Friends from Studio Corium created an impressive Giant setup and Mapping installation for The Uniparty 5 and « la fête du printemps 2014 »


VJ Ank1's Project Pretty Lights

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A new video from Peter Ankoné who shared with us his latest video installation using madmapper.

VJ Ank1’s Project Pretty Lights from Peter Ankoné = VJ Ank1 on Vimeo.


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Our good friends Mika Ventura and Adrien Boulanger (the technical wizard of mapping festival and electron festival) created a great stage design and visual performance at the Stereolux – Nantes -France


Graffiti Mapping by Illusion research Lab

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GRAFFITI MAPPING // ILLUSION RESEARCH LAB // VIDEO MAPPING from illusion.research.lab on Vimeo.

Another interesting video mapping experiment mixing Graffiti painting and video mapping by Illusion research Lab in Marseille – France.

DuckUnit Head Sculpture Mapping in Bangkok

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DuckUnit, located in Bangkok -Thailand used Modul8 and MadMapper to create a video and light mapping on a massive 3D Head sculpture for the Blackhead Concert . The video report shows the making of the sculpture, Visual footage shooting ,and stage setup


DuckUnit-Handmade / 3D Projection Mapping on Head Sculpture-BlackHead Concert from DuckUnit on Vimeo.

Kuala Lumpur Audio-Visual Performance by PRYMEDIA

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A modul8 + MadMapper audiovisual performance in Kuala lumpur – Malaysia. A nice aerial video installation and videos made out of circles


Kuala Lumpur Audio-Visual Performance from PRYMEDIA on Vimeo.

VJ ANK1's Full LED+Video installation @ Speedfreax

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A full MadMapper experience by Peter Ankone aka VJ ANK1 @ Speedfreax, Maassilo Rotterdam. This stage setup uses MadLight and Video Mapping at once!

Wrapping Illusions by Azael Ferrer

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A Kinetic Interactive audio visual installation using LED lights controlled  with MadMapper +Kinect+servo controlled board +VDMX  and Quartz composer.
more info on!wrapping-illusions/c1v1r 


Cathedrale by Mika Ventura

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The Talented Mika Ventura turned the well known « Zoo » place in Geneva- Switzerland (where most of the greatest parties of the Mapping Festival where held) into a Cult place for Visual lovers – a modern crazy Stage design Cathedral:
More info about Mika’s work:


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Numeric God, a new project by our friend Tarrabass from CENC.

This is a piece of an interactive exhibition in south of France, where there are 5 different videos installations.
More information here.
This one uses video mapping technology (provided by your favorite software) and also features some custom LED setup, driven by MAD_Light. I have to admit that since we released MAD_Light, installations mixing video mapping and LED/Lighting fixtures are flourishing. This one is especially good, I like the raw minimal style.

Tarrabass was kind enough to provide us with some « in depth » explanations, all written in perfect english.
As he puts:
« 1 Build the structure
I send i draft of the structure to a good freaky builder who used wood and Spandex which is strechable enought to make the shape you want.

2 Setup the led
We order and setup LED on the structure.
it’s can be really messy to find the correct led stuff on the chinesse market.
I worked with white adressable strip led which using the ws2081 protocol (10$ by meter).
It’s little more tricky than dmx led bar but it’s cheaper and you can get the lenght you want.

a – I use showjokey artnet dmx box which work on 2 univers (90 $),
(it’s works with you laptop on IP fix, with ip : )

b – 2 dmx > ws 2801 decoder, work with 512 adress (30$).
c – 2 power 12v supply (One each 15 meter) (20$)

I use madmapper to feed 3 videos projectors and the led setup.
All the video is reel time generated by a quartzComposer patch which is sequenced by Ableton Live.
The MadMapper input is a big 3072 * 1024 pix, all the video projector is put and the side, one for the structure and two for side wall.
For the final touch i add i special fixture which is the Atomic 3000 stroboscope, control by Madmaper as well.

After this 3 step made, we could just forget the teknical stuff, find some drink, good friends, good noize, and spend a night to enjoy, and make some audio sycronised content. »

roadmapping with supervoxel

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A former attendee of one of my workshops in Oslo, Ove Dahl (aka Supervoxel) takes video mapping on the road, roaming around Norway and finding interesting places and things to map video with some surprising results. 10 different installations in 12 days! Talk about marathons?
Above, mapping a tunnel.

Mapping video onto a silage ball.

Continuing with the ball theme, styrofoam in a nest.

And a personal favorite of mine that will not surprise our regular readers.

You can see all of the installations on the website for the project:

Dirty Cake BLAST 2013

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I have zero information about this video, but really nice LED installation with lighting controlled from Modul8 via MadLight in MadMapper.

Telefunken / Light design

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Not wasting a moment, Santiago, Chile based Telefunken Studio creates a simple yet stunning LED installation using MadLight and some of the principles introduced to the MadLight world with the recent Mad_Orb installation by 1024/GarageCUBE in Geneva and New York, perhaps even simpler than that!

On that note, I spent part of my weekend in Paris where I caught the very final days of the Dynamo exhibition at the Grand Palais. On display were a plethora of light installations and optical/kinetic/op-art projects spanning from the turn of the century to the present. It’s humbling and awe inspiring to see the amount of work that has been done in this area. With MadLight we can see how these ideas are reaching beyond the gallery space and into a mainstream and local arena where playing with light in this way becomes commonplace, while remaining spectacular.

Jem the Misfit uses MM unconventionally

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New Zealand born and now Berlin resident Jem the Misfit fully entered my field of vision during a Scope Session this past winter. I was impressed by her thinking process and approach to visuals, particularly in how she addressed her clip library as a sort of color palate, the results of which produced a painting, that being the final output. This sensibility allows her to create immersive experiences with video even within the confines of traditional screens.

From this point of view she has applied this sensibility in a rather unconventional use of MadMapper, using it to create shapes that are part of the composition of the screen as opposed to creating graphics that match physical objects. Such is the case in her recent AV performance work « mystery is what holds us together.

This work has been performed this year at LPM in Rome and a similar one at this years edition of the Mapping Festival with more opportunities coming in the future to evolve the project further.

(more) Things Happen with MadLight

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Maybe you know this moment when you log into vimeo and you see something that catches your eye but you’re just too busy (or lazy) with other stuff to actually click on the thumbnail to watch it? Guilty as charged.

Things Happen comes up with a very creative method for triggering lights and sounds using a multi-colore disk. Esthetically pleasing on many levels. It will be interesting to see how this will be used beyond the mere technique.

Students trip

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Found this in the shout box of our MadMapper channel on vimeo. It is a fairly simple installation that hits on a lot of the points I love about the medium, reflecting surfaces, high contrast material mixed in with photographic material. It feels like a nice blendering (I just made that up) experience.
I wished my school experience was just as trippy without drugs. These kids are so lucky. But I guess I am lucky too in the sense that I have had the privilege to observe some beautiful moments as the medium evolved into what it is today. I’ll include seeing this video as one of them.

Installation designed for the Night Of Museums @ PJWSTK Warsaw, Poland.

Premiere: 18th of May 2013
Collaboration of three Olga Wroniewicz’s students (2nd grade BA, specializing in animation):
Joachim Fusiecki – 00:05 first part of animation, building object
Zofia Goss – 00:54 second part of animation
Patryk Dmoch – 01:42 third part of animation, music, object concept


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I have posted about the work of ONDÉ (Jacques-Andre Dupont) before, he distinguishes himself in collaborating with a variety of people and materials, some trailing off into interesting and less conventional areas such as cellos.

This most recent evolution with TAPEOVER (a duo that create indoor murals using tape) meaningfully re-introduces using white or reflective materials over a black surface to produce the illusion that the image is floating in mid air, as is most appropriate given the subject matter.

The other aspect about this approach that is interesting is how the actual quads themselves are not precisely mapped over the shapes, and they do not need to be because of the fact that any black surface that you project on simple gets swallowed up, especially when situated right next to a bright surface.

Dreams of a Castle

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Arriving today in my inbox was this message from Bordos Laszlo Zsolt from Hungary:

I would like to introduce you the very first permanent outdoor video mapping project in Europe! Close to the East border of Hungary a great initiative for saving a small castle by creating a new touristic attraction seemed to be a daring idea. Today, the idea became reality: starting with 15 of June 2013 Europe’s first permanent video mapping projection will be launched. All those who would like to have a wonderful evening are welcome to visit the castle and it’s surroundings. After dark, an artistic video mapping show will be projected every day, each hour, for at least five years!

The primary focus here is his use of the Spatial Scanner. While this is not the biggest I have seen, it still impresses me how well this technology scales to work with buildings.

The playback system is the following as explained by Zsolt:

« For the player system i have used a Wings Platinum since the client asked to have a player system which can be launched with a phone or iPad.
The projector is an 18K Christie HD.

Zsolt is a very accomplished 3D artist in this area of facade video mapping. His productions are always very smooth and on par with that grand cinema feel to them.

You can view more of his works on his website.

The Light box 1.0 by VJ Gorilla

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The skills learned from this years Mapping Festival workshops are already put to work by VJ Gorilla. Back in his home town, Lima, Peru, he and his crew created an array of mapped screens, and with an added twist, attaches an LED strip to the bottom edge of each screen as well. In this way the screens are illuminated in two ways. It is probably the first really clear, yet simple combination of projection and LED lighting that I have seen so far.

Probably one of the nicest qualities of using LED’s is how much ambient light that they produce. You can see from the video how well the audience is illuminated. We do get this with projections, but with LED’s this is much more pronounced.

NYX visual: illusion of 8 bit via Kinect

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ELECTRIC BIT from NYX Visual on Vimeo.

NYX visual combine the digital pixel grid with a physical representation of that grid, then invite the public to be the pixels using a custom QC patch and the Kinect. Well done!

Not always common, they have made the patch accessible for all.

AndroVisuals takes over Holland

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Via our Facebook page, Something called Club Circus, using MadMapper and Quartz. Apparently using Live 3d models via an evolving system. Lots of blue here, and other colors. Sort of painterly.

Mapping Festival document by VJ Gorilla

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The hum and buzz of the festival now subsided, it still does so in the minds of those who have attended. VJ Gorilla, from Lima, Peru attended this years edition and has provided a lengthly and loving viewpoint of the festival, its exhibitions and workshops.

FRAGMENTAL by Jolien Brands

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New generations of video mapping artists is constant. In this instance, Jolien Brands designs a font specifically for projections (a first?).

The text from the vimeo page explains:

« Fragmental is a tetrahedron based geometric sculpture – designed as a surface for typographic animations. Using the projection mapping technique we get an illusion of depth & perspective that gives the different kinds of letters a new dimension in space & time.

St Lucas university college of art & design presented me the task of creating a Font machine. A machine that on its own creates an unique font. I have chosen light as my medium for creating the 26 characters of the alphabet. By using the projection mapping technique where the light acts as the medium for the machine – I was able to bring the full alphabet to life. »

A full description of the work can be found on their online portfolio.

Now I want to see a version in cyrillic.

Mapping Festival 2013 Exhibition

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Get an eye full of inspiration from this video document covering the offerings this year at the Mapping Festival exhibition. The cinematic quality of this document almost makes the experience more tantalizing that it actually really can be in person, although I am 100% sure that it is probably equally breath taking if one just puts their phone in their pocket for a moment to just plainly stare at the works on display.

ThingsHappen: Kinect control clarity

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Motion, light & sound / Kinect & Madlight from things happen on Vimeo.

I have to admit that I have never been completely convinced of the Kinect and what the artistic community has been doing with it (including to a small degree myself). I always have this feeling that the basic parameters of good interface design are most often ignored, when creating meaningful representations of what its capabilities are, and the interpretations of body movement data it produces, in relation to body movements.

ThingsHappen have used Modul8 in the past to very good effect. In some of their works I saw high quality images with an alpha channel being scaled or smoothly interpolated across a black background. This for me spoke volumes about the power of Modul8 as a tool for live composition, connected with creating curious counter points with the content. It was somehow never repetitive and continually informative.

So it’s nice to see ThingsHappen to continue to live up to their name. It makes complete sense to me how they overlay a graphical interface that allows you to see what you are doing and also remain interesting to an audience, well, at least me anyway.

I like the idea that this can be used to represent notation, like amplifying the movements of the conductor, this way the audience and the orchestra (yes, I real live orchestra with lots of strings and big tympani drums) can see the queues. If not done too obviously, it could be pretty engaging. The pitfall is what leads me to a point I am sure that ThingsHappen are fairly clear about in their video. Even though it is done with crisp video and beautiful compositions of color, the figure of the person silhouetted in black, almost makes the video an artwork in itself, it is still a demo. And I would expect nothing less from ThingsHappen to… make things happen.

And they used MadMapper.

MAD_Light in action

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sunstrip from Matthias James Schuller on Vimeo

This smart scenographic project shows MAD_light in action, depicting the possibility to sync pixels between video and lights.
Matthias is actually controlling 63 sunstrips lights AND projecting visuals at the same time, using Modul8 and MadMapper in combo. Congrats !

Syphon Step Sequencer by Luisript

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This came through twitter a few days ago. Luiscript (Luis Fernando García) has been active in the past interfacing things with Modul8 and MadMapper, usually be integrating our applications with others, either off the shelf of the custom variety.

Here he has created a graphical grid in OpenFrameworks that corresponds to a custom made sequencer created in Lemur for the iPad. The OF app sends Syphon through Modul8 for extra post processing and then through MadMapper so that the resulting image fits the wall perfectly.

What I like most about this project is the direct correlation between the interface, the graphics it is controlled by and the physical surfaces being projected on.

I am also always extolling the virtues of modular design approaches to projection art, where the materials can be used in many different situations.

It is also highly commendable of Luiscript to release the app and Lemur template for everyone to download for free. I have seen countless, amazing visual oriented software posted on many a blog, and for the most part the creators never release anything publicly. It makes sense on some level, given how much time it takes to code these things, and it is not always the highest priority of the creator to provide a proper graphical interface followed by support for people wanting to use it.

Coded artwork hangs in a strange balance between the unique (the idea) and the mass proliferation (digital reproduction).

Luiscript’s tool is universal and basic enough that it falls into a category that befits « we need to do this often enough that we are not looking to re-invet the wheel every time. »


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Graphic Equalizer Mapping from {endprocess} on Vimeo

A simple and minimalistic use of MAD_Equalizer on a paper volume.
Yet the result is quite nice, and the video nicely shot.

The Topography Project

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The Topography Project from A. Mert Erdem on Vimeo.

Convergences are necessary for the evolution of any medium. We have seen this with the progression of live video attracting artists divergent fields. The future was in most tech savvy minds about virtual reality, but the outcome has naturally taken on a life that is slightly different from what most people thought it would be, in that we are not completely immersed using googles that look into screens, but have take the projector and have started pulling what is in the screen out into our environments.

This point is emphasized nicely by the choreographer and dancer on the above project Koko Karol.

« The project has been an amazing melting pot of artists coming together, an architect, a videographer, a dancer »

I have seen plenty of dance projects using what I would call ‘re-projection’, but I also can’t emphasize enough that just because someone did it already does not mean it can’t be done again, if not improved upon.

Dance is probably one of the most difficult mediums to work in. Combining athletics and esthetics, it take tremendous discipline to do this right, and all these efforts are not always highly rewarded or take precedence in the mainstream media. So it was heartening to see that the goals for the finishing funds for the completion of this project were reached.

Surviving Life by L.E.G

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A fun, tumbling, scratchy, projection AND candle lit installation by L.E.G. uses MadMAPPER and sampling of Siggie Freud animations from the film ‘Surviving Life‘ by Jan Švankmajer, of which this installation is an ode to. And I have a special place in my heart for mustaches.

"TÝR" by Marcos Zotes

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A site specific installation by the Iceland based architect Marcos Zotes. Using MadMapper and a Matrix inspired esthetic, the cavernous hull of an Icelandic Coast Guard vessel as part of the Reykjavik Culture Night back in August.

For some more images of this installation as well as the exterior of the vessel itself on this page on his website. And if you are located in the northern hemisphere, think of how nice and warm it must have been.

The sounds for this installation were composed using samples downloaded from the Freesound website. A really great resource if you are looking for sounds for your projects.


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NYX puts a very refined touch to the evolution of the definition ‘trip’ with an extremely colorful wall installation that is a collaboration with SPES LAB, a photo studio of the photographer and painter Koutaro Ooyama.

One of the most interesting things for me about this particular work is how light is sometimes used to merely expose portions of what is there, as seen in the early parts of the video with the white shapes and radio waves. There is also quite a bit of direct mapping interaction, with what looks like tracings of the exact shapes of the painting. Definitely something that everyone should try to explore in working up a repertoire of video mapping related projects.

Report: Atelier Nord workshop, Oslo

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Last year I was invited for a residency at Atelier Nord and given that this worked out quite nicely I was invited again this year. As with last time, I stay there for a week or so, do a workshop and get to make some art in the space called ANX.

Having done quite a few workshops, I have to find ways to make it interesting for myself, or else the presentation becomes stale and I am just going through the motions. This time I decided pursue an idea I had for a while, making one sculpture in the center of the space for everyone to map on from different angles.

To do this, I had the immense help of Howie Stammnes. I consider it a sort of collaboration as we shared ideas on how to build this ‘grape vine’ like structure, deciding together which boxes should go in what angles, leading into the tricky task of suspending the whole thing from the ceiling.

The central sculpture at ANX
This is the sculpture just after we finished putting it up the night before the workshop.

Using Mad_lab
Audun Notevarp Sadvold (who made the video at the beginning of this post) and Thor Moldestad experimenting with Mad_Lab after finishing the mapping of the surfaces from their angle.

Photo: Astrid Elizabeth Bang
Photo: Astrid Elizabeth Bang

Astrid actually attended my first workshop in Oslo, but came back again to get some more experience.

Howie made a time lapse of people mapping the sculpture as well as a little last minute idea I was working on until the very last minute the day after the workshop. You can see it at the end. Within less than five ours I mapped every surface, made a separate image from each using After Effects, exported them as an image sequence and then used MIDI notes in live to trigger the changing of the media. A separate channel in live let the same set of MIDI notes trigger a sound.

I am planning to expand this whole concept in the near future.

counter.shadow I
counter.shadow I
The other small project I worked on was an idea that I had a very long time ago that just needed to be done: to create an inverted shadow. The result is another step in my counter series, counter.shadow I. The piece is also time based, with an audio track. It has been documented with video but I still have to finish doing this.

For now, I have another Berlin Mapping workshop coming up at the end of the month that is booked up. Look forward to meeting those that registered.

Nature-Graphique gets triangle fever

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The collective cook up an immersive, triangle filled, mapping extravaganza for Scopitone Festival 2012 in Nantes, France. Extra interesting are the brief screenshots of the planning phases. I also spy an interesting layout of what appears to be a Lemur for iPad layout that possesses a highly ergonomic, function oriented layout. In a brief communication with Orl, he notes that the iPad was used to control the multiple computers that were part of setup:

– 2 Mac Pros
– 4 Matrox TripleHead2go
– 12 projectors

Oddly enough, my first impression of this video was that the lighting setup somewhat complimented the structures, given that for the main stage the lamps were considerately positioned at each of the line segments of the triangles. However Orl states that they had little control over and that there was too much light.

Unfortunately this is still a very common problem. I have seen productions that could have been immensely improved by a tasteful and relatively simple balancing and placement of lighting. It always appears to me that lighting is somehow arranged in a sort of battle formation that disregards any kind of overall stage composition. This type of scenario usually emerges when the producers of the event are primarily concerned with getting the job done without much of a fuss.

While the technology at our disposal is getting better, with more integration between video and lighting, such as the upcoming release of MadMapper with its MadLight feature, we will likely always have to set our own standards and convince others in order to achieve our visions.

Play by play, MadMapper lesson via google hangout

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During my bi-monthly YouTube search for « MadMapper » I stumbled on this very casual presentation. Not much info on who is responsible for this other than that their YouTube handle is colabs1234 and that they are from Canada. As organizing workshops in the U.S. has been a near impossibility for us, this video covers pretty much everything we would explain about the software minus the hands on aspect of the MadMapping workshops where everyone gets a projector and a pile of boxes to map on. While the video is very much a ‘warts and all’ experience there is definitely all you need to know as well as a decent Modul8 introduction and its relationship to MadMapper.

Willow – Sweater (official video uses MadMapper)

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While I have already seen examples of augmented reality used in videos before, I really enjoy how this one by Filip Sterckx exploits the idea further in many different ways, with many different angles, that constantly fool my eyes. At the same time the video is constantly reminding you of the fact that ‘this is an illusion’ with visual queues such as the embedded treadmill or the part where the singers legs are ‘buried’ into the stage to create the illusion that he is standing on the water.

"The French Landlady"

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The spacial scanner function is put to the best use when the objects are elaborate. There is generally a lot of excitement about the possibilities of what can be done with this feature and we have certainly seen some very fine examples.

Here is a very refined one. Yet another project by the increasingly prolific Jacques-Andre Dupont. I was pleasantly surprised by this. While it is not in a club or a massive outdoor facade, the focus on the details and timing are exploited to the fullest.

Light Form – Interactive mapping

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Light Form ECAL/Mathieu Rivier from ECAL on Vimeo.

A very impressive and pretty project from ECAL student Mathieu Rivier that uses MadMapper and custom software created in OpenFrameworks and CCV. Read the details about the project on Creative Applications that also includes some great screenshots of the mapping within MadMapper as well as the the inside of the installation.


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One of the most community oriented events in Berlin is the annual 48 Hours Neukölln event. Neukölln is a neighborhood nestled between the historical Templehof Airport (now closed and functioning as a park) and Kreuzberg. Some refer to the area as Kreuzkölln because both neighborhoods are almost indistinguishable in terms of the recent influx of artists and trend seekers that have spawned art spaces, galleries and speciality shops. 48 Hours Neukölln consists of two days that are a platform for all artists living and working in Neuköln to engage the greater public. The potential for exposing the public to video mapping is quite good no matter what form it takes. So I was really pleased when a former participant in one of my Berlin MadMapping Workshops, Jacques-Andre DUPONT presented the installation above at Locht43.

If we assume the concept of artwork taking on a life of it’s own we can see the video above as a collaboration between a musician and the installation. The immediate question would be ‘is what he doing affecting the video?’ For the sake of arguing I would say ‘yes’ because the musician is standing in front of the work. And as you can see and hear, that’s a beautiful thing.

Charles Kim, Trimap

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This one came through our twitter feed. What struck me at first was the sculpture and its minimal surfaces this being Akin to the the work of FAIL with some obvious differences in that the structure is a parallel one. But what really struck me was the occasional triangle graphic that is not necessarily mapped to every surface but still compliments the structure itself. I look forward to seeing this concept being developed further.

Augmented Reality mini-documentary

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Augmented Reality – Projection Mapping from Dane Luttik on Vimeo.

A nice and short documentary that presents some of the best work being done in projection mapping. Interesting to me is the burgeoning prominence of augmented drawings by two artists who have been responsible for quite a bit of volumetric mapping on both existing and designed structures in the past. Projection mapping is suddenly trending backwards to rediscovering projecting on a flat surface. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the near future. A bit ‘easier’ if you think about it. Instead of having to build a whole structure from scratch that may or may not be used again you can simply draw on a wall and use MadMapper to match the content correctly. I am a big fan of the act of drawing in general so it is nice to see the practice being revived vis a vis technological enhancement.

Kor.Bor.Vor bedazzles Smart TV event

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Kor.Bor.Vor.The Making of Event Samsung Smart TV from Kor.Bor.Vor. on Vimeo.

Thailand based Kor.Bor.Vor studio were one of the first to use MadMapper in a commercial context, and do it really, really well. The first project was the augmentation of a display promoting G-Shock watches. The model is on a small scale. But then they made it really big and partied with it!

The Smart TV is an interesting step creatively. A bit tricky if you think about it because they are essentially promoting a screen, something that video projection mapping absolutely never conforms to. I can’t imagine how one would deal with that, mapping a screen? So it is logical that they would use the Smart TV logo as a starting point. The results are dazzling. Perhaps more dazzling then what you might end up experiencing if you bought a Smart TV?

MAD LED Mapping

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It’s a teaser. No wait… it’s document of the party this past weekend at the Mapping Festival! No… it’s a promo of the fantastical artistry that can be achieved with the upcoming LED Mapper in MadMapper. Who cares what it really is when it simply looks and sounds great.

Up Above in Down Under

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Since her involvement with the Space Invader project, Laura Ramirez continues to explore new ideas in connection with video projection enhanced art. In the video above she demonstrates the mapping process using what looks to me like an Archigram inspired landscape as part of a proposal for a mural by Jessica Angel.

Exclusive teaser: 'Pieces' by Romain Tardy (Anti VJ)

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Mr. Tardy remains one of the few artist working in this medium that almost always leaves me breathless when he designs an installation for a performance. I could surmise that the reason for this is because he always starts with an underlying concept that dictates the form and the resulting projection material, creating a truly unified experience. But I could also come to the conclusion that he just has that special touch that is distinctly Romain Tardy and that the former formula only works magic when he utilizes it.

Due to his using MadMapper on this project he was kind enough to let me be the first to post it this video.

This project is the result of a « new collaboration with my friend Squeaky Lobster. Pieces is a work in progress made of 5 steps, and the structure will change for each new step, but will be built with the same square modules. Each step will be shown only a couple of times to keep this idea of a « versatile » project (sounds a bit strange in french – as it may sound in english as well – but I like the idea of an « unstable » shape/structure). »

Vertx evolutions

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I think I have may posted way too much of the Chilean based, Vertx families work on this blog. But I really cannot help it because they continue to make work that inspires me.
Within the past three days they managed to do this twice with the videos above and below. The piece above appears to be a purely experimental endeavor, cybernating some faces with geometric, multi-colored skulls.

This one is actually an extension of a video they posted earlier called Galaxia and also harkens back to one of their first posts, the multi-eyeballed Spiral Vortx.

Zoo-Usine installation from 2011

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All last week was spent conducting the first Projection Art Workshop hosted by the Le Zoo club in Geneva. I am compiling pictures and other materials for a proper posting about the workshop.
In the meantime you can feast your eyes on this video of a VJset at Le Zoo from last year that included the likes of VAC of Supermafia, Mike Ventura and Calmille de dieu. A rather melancholic sound track that is likely not to have been what was played during the party.


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Leandro Vigas took a trip through Europe last spring, with a few days in Berlin where he provided valuable assistance during a MAdmApping workshop Pedro Zaz of United VJs and I hosted. He had already started doing video mapping projects prior to that and it seems that his visit further refined is ideas about the medium. There is a simple efficiency of this installation along with a refined sensibility and variation of the graphical forms he is using to shift between both a compliment of the forms and their augmentation. There is also a very nice balance between the forms and the space.

Get mAd with Processing

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A quick video showing Processing 1.5.1 connected to MadMapper via Syphon. If you are not familiar with Processing, it is a free and open application for creating interactive and generative images with code, or creative code as people in the know often refer to it. If one has already done a lot of work in Processing and looking to put their creations in an environment, MadMapper takes care of that part allowing for more time to work with Processing.

Espadasantacruz Studio are obviously happy with this development. Not only can you see the wonders that have been doing with Processing, but they have also been getting into coding with Modul8 lately.

Jean-Michel Verbeek

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Some massive cubes loomed behind the find DJ lineup at Houza Palooza Festival 2011 in Belgium with design and graphics by, and under the control of Jean-Michel & Jean-Philippe Verbeek, utilizing MadMapper for the dressing and Resolume with a VMX 64 from Codanova to keep it all under control. You may notice that there are absolutely no screens to be seen anywhere making the installation the focal point of the experience. You can follow the work of Jean-Michele (aka VJ Konstruktiv) through his Vimeo and Facebook pages.

A stroll through MM 1.1 with Gnomalab

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Seasoned video artist and instructor from VJ Spain, Gnomalab quickly put together a demo that steps through the new functions we have added to MadmaPPer 1.1. The notes are almost all in Spanish however just watching what he is doing should be sufficient enough to unveil what we have delivered to you in action.

MadMapper + Modul8 pipeline demo

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get, be it in a workshop or through any other method people use to contact us, is « how can I send multiple layers of video from Modul8 to MadMapper? »
Frz made a nice clean tutorial for revealing the ‘secret’ technique for doing this. But maybe you want to display an even larger variety of layers? Or as I prefer to call them within the context of MadMaPPER, ‘textures.’ Here is pleasant demonstration by DJ K-Tel that expands on this concept.

The Media Merchants Lamborghini Project

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We have seen quite a few cars mapped using MadMapper and Modul8, but this one obviously sets a new standard. I will let the video, and the car, speak for itself.

DuckUnit : CITROEN Car mapping

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While I am not a big fan of cars, this car mapping project created by DuckUnit is nicely edited and uses some motifs, esthetic sensibilities that are very appealing to my sensibilities. Additionally it is well edited and even shows some of the process involved in applying the textures. If you have to do it, do it right, right? Cool stuff.

Augmented gaming

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London based B-Reel threw a party for the their clients. They could have just had an Apple II running snake bite, but instead they used MadMapper and allowed their clients to control the snakes using the everyone-and-their-grandmother iOS devices.

Now that OpenEMU supports Syphon this magic only requires you to find or build some unique surfaces, download a copy of joypad and you too can throw a B-reel type party in your own home.

MIDAS project

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The MIDAS Project from MIDASpaces on Vimeo.

« The MIDAS Project was part of a Masters final project/thesis in Dublin City University. The project used the latest in sensory and tracking technologies to augment and explore traditional artistic performance. For the project, we put together an interactive audio visual dance performance and as part of the production we utilised a combination of tracking technologies, including Microsoft Kinect and a Playstation 3 Eye modified to detect infrared light.

The project relied on Madmapper in order to project visuals onto a three dimensional set with which our dancer could interact. Im addition to this, we also used the application to output our visuals to the wall and floor of the performance space. In this instance we were able to conform the images to fit the exact space while using the Grid Warping feature to fine tune the calibration of the visuals derived form the infrared camera. »

The Midas Team

Catedral de Santiago St James Day

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I saw this a few weeks ago and it confirms belief that mapping is the advanced stage of the fireworks displays. I don’t have much detailed information about the creative or production team, but I imagine that this was a very large group of people working on this. You can see this very clearly in the production documentation.

As I recall from a Facebook post from one of the team, the Spacial Scanner was an indispensable function for this production. All of that intricate detail would take many hours (and projector lamp life) to trace with precision. I could probably try and wax poetic about all the different luscious visual poetry that went into this piece, but I think it’s better if you just watch the videos.

Triangles within Triangles

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36 real polygons – A mapping project from Obscura on Vimeo.

As summer rolls on Obscura has been working hard to keep things bright and exciting with an installation using triangles suspended above a stage. The documentation shows the amount of work involved in realizing such an effort, the MaMapper doing its part to make the whole process a little bit faster and easier.


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I am always interested and concerned about portability. Maybe it was because of the impression that nomadic people made on me as a child? I remember the joy of my first laptop. « Now I can do what I love anywhere I want! » It was also one of the things that made VJing much more accessible in the sense that one did not need to lug around a mixer and two VHS decks. Even projectors have become smaller. Now with mapping being all the rage, you may ask yourself « how am I going to break away from the screen without breaking my back carrying a stage set around?

Enter Supermafia with a series of small, tripod mounted screens. I can see how you could change the arrangement a little every time as well, and thanks to MadMapper they can do their setup in next to no time.

Supermafia had already established a reputation for guerilla style disco as demonstrated in the above video from this years edition of the Mapping Festival. An inflatable dome setup in a matter of minutes, complete with music, lighting and visuals. I wonder if they ever considered having their own inflatable audience as well?

Lupin uses Modul8 + MadMapper for L'Oreal event

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Lupin provides an elegant demonstration of how one puts it all together with Modul8 and MadMapper. Cinema 4D provides the magic, Modul8 control and MadMapper the possibility to make last minute adjustments as the installation was set up the day of the event.

Spiral Vortx

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One of latest and freshest uses of MadMapper. Who made it? Where are they from?

« We are a collective of djs, vjs, visual artists, 3D artists, architects, motion graphics artists, producers, hackers and skaters based in Santiago, Chile. We are 7 and we are known under the nicknames of: andrew, naik, cucho, pinwi, kitty kills, melonaut, jota and josema. »

The above was written to me by Andrés Terrisse and the collective is called vertx family.

The purpose of this project?
« This project is only for spiritual and art retribution, technique practice… the sculpture is our logo… »

Another great example of real beauty coming from nothing more then the desire to create. Bravo.

MadMapper in the toilet, but in a good way.

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Wilfried Haberley of the theater group Là Hors De was one of the participants in the MadMapping workshop. His contribution to the exhibitions on display at Fonderie Kugler consisted of the above video. Now imagine that the projections are actually live video feeds of people over the internet who can comment on your actions as you do your business?

MadMapping workshop

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In the days prior to the MadMapper launch event during the Mapping Festival, Modul8/1024 hosted an exclusive four day intensive workshop where 15 selected participants were provided with access to MadMapper along with guidance, feedback and input from the team. This brief teaser video shows some of that, the launch party and the Le Zoo parties that are always a corner stone of the Mapping Festival.

PARADIGM + Madmapper for Laurent Garnier

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A long time Modul8 and mapping fanatic, Diez and his collective PARADIGM got a hold of a beta of MadMapper to augment their installation for a 5 hour dj set by Laurent Garnier.

It is a very simple but elegant approach that we will simply be seeing a lot more of once the MadMapper is released. A nice break from the monotony of seeing so many screens at 4:3 aspect ratio. The MadMapper will push everyone to get into starting to get physical with their work and create sculptures that they can augment with video.

3D Bridge / Report #2

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For the Nuit Blanche 2010 festival, 1024 Architecture designed a 20 tons scaffolding structure built on top of the Saint Louis Bridge, downtown Paris. Part of this project was included in the initial prototype that was used for developing the MadMapper. The show consisted of a 12 minute looping audio reactive visual set.


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Mid last month my friend fRED was approached by some colleagues of his to create an installation for one night in a new working space here in Berlin called House Of Clouds. There idea was to have an open house followed by a party to promote the space. For fRED and I to work together, an opportunity to have a free creative hand, test out the MadMapper and work with another friend, ElectricKettle who does breakcore music but has been interested in collaborating with me on something for a long time.

Installation at the 2011 Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin

Prior to this project fRED and I did some VJing together and when the MadMapper emerged for me in its incubative form he used it at this years Chaos Computer Congress. He and I were both interested in using wood. I have seen this used before. MXZEHN explored this type of material and I had seen other examples, namely a huge structure created in one of the previous editions of Burning Man. The above photos is almost all I have of the structure sans the projections on it as I did not stay for the event due to a heavy workload at the time.

fRED and I reviewed the photos provided by House Of Clouds and decided on a particular room, the one pictured above. We liked the stage and the distances from it to the walls appeared to be appropriate for the distances that were needed to get a decent projection on the sculpture I had in mind.

Our initial impression of the room was dictated by photos provided. If there is no person standing in the space while the photo is taken, and there wasn’t then one can have no sense of proportion. When we finally got to see it in person it was a lot larger then we thought and I was a little worried that the sculpture I had in mind would be too small.

We measured the entire space using a handy little laser measuring device from BOSCH. I highly recommend getting one of these. Gone are the days when you have to use a measuring tape where someone has to hold the other end. Just place the base of the BOSCH device on the wall, press a button and the laser measures the distance between the two walls.

view #1

With these measurements fRED created a 3D model. The above is a rendering that helped up pre-visualise what we were getting into.

Conceptually I really wanted to work with a free standing structure with horizontal and vertical lines. I knew that visually, because our eyes see things in perspective, that it would still be chaotic looking. I also wanted to break away from the one point perspective and allow people to walk around the structure and look at it from various perspectives. That there are no large surfaces was part of my desire to move away from the ‘image’ projected on a surface akin to film and allow the viewer to create their own ‘image’ by observing the structure as it was transformed by light and sound.

I also was not interested in performing with the installation. I wanted to see if we could create an engaging and dynamic enough experience that was a video loop where nobody would realize it was a video loop. An ambient room that will allow people to stay there for a bit, go away, come back and never realize that there is a beginning, middle or end.

While we were working on the model met up with ElectricKettle and I discussed some of the sounds I wanted him to create. I had some specific ideas, sounds that would accommodate the impression I wanted to give that the structure could disappear and reappear. I demonstrated these ideas of sound imitating what I had in my mind to him: ‘whoooooosh…. boooo’ and so on.

Naked wood

We were lucky to have the space three days prior to the date of the event. The first day we would build and set up the projectors, the second day work on the mapping and the animations and the third day, the day of the installation, we would put in the finishing touches.

By using exact measurements from the 3D modeler we were using fRED was able to somewhat accurately recreate what we had visualized and in the end the sculpture appeared to fill the space more then we thought with a few minor alterations due to the throw of the projectors we had not being wide enough.


The MadMapper made it extremely easy to do what we wanted to do in a fraction of the time it usually takes to do it. During the night the shelves we created for the projectors ‘settled’ and while it was still a bit of work it was not nearly as much work if we had used any other tool I can think of.


Production wise I used a traditional compositing animation tool that I will not name here. The above is a frame I grabbed of how we created the file so that we could create segments of color and form that we would use as sources in MadMapper. It was a rather abstract way of working that was a nice exercise for the mind that thankfully created a sensation in the final output, that is, what was projected onto the sculpture. In a previous installation I used a whole series of loops and triggered them using a timeline in Ableton Live with two MacBook Pros, the network module slaved to the more powerful laptop of the two I had. The problem with this was that inevitably the audio would not sync up properly with the triggering of the loops. The audience did not see it, but I did. Since I did not want to work with loops I went for creating big video with audio so that nothing would go out of sync. Having a Mac Pro It also made me think of how I really need to think about some better tools for this kind of thing.

150 quads

We used up to 150 quads for this project. I am not sure if anyone else in our internal test team has done this, and it definitely was not part of any particular goal. The main goals being to create a work made entirely by the members of the collaboration, to get as much of the piece ready given the time that we had and still create something that people could experience without noticing any particular beginning, middle or end, and finally document it properly.

This documentation process is very important to me. For me it has always been difficult to get it right. I took a lot of time lapse photos, but I also took a lot of video footage. In the end the time lapses were much more befitting the vision I had. I was not so much interested in trying to replicate the experience as I don’t think that is really possible, but more to create documentation that was an art piece in itself.

I think I could probably write a whole lot of ideas here about the project, but this has already gone on much too long.

Now with this project behind us we have learned several things. First, I have found a team of people whom I can share a common vision with, each of us know our roles and how to best fulfill them. We also all have an excitement and vision of what we want to do when we get together again for the next project. One experience will build on the next and I look forward to sharing it.

Mad Mapper / 1024architecture lighting up tennis the court

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TETRA.TENNIS v3.0 from 1024 on Vimeo.

Those bewildered by a photo from an earlier post now can now get a full experience of what it must be like during a break time at the French Masters series in Paris Bercy / 2010. 1024architecture clearly rolls their own with a custom solution. But the Mad Mapper saves them from having to concern themselves with wasting time on mapping, allowing them to focus on what is mapped… to the tennis court.

1024architecture at PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE in Lyon

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PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE from 1024 on Vimeo.

MadMapper proves itself again in the highly capable hands of its co-creators 1024architecture. One of the things I have always liked about the work of this team is how accessible and expressive it is. More importantly, and as it should be, the mapping segment of the production process is greatly reduced allowing the team to focus on the experience of the audience, as is in plane view in this excellent documentation. Extra brownie points for the humorous element that is especially present in this particular work, not to mention the simple and effective interactivity. For more technical information about the project see the blog entry on the 1024architecture blog.

L.A. MadMapper presentation/workshop

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Modul8 and Mad Mapper presentation hosted by BARTKRESA design from Bart Kresa on Vimeo.

Graciously put together by the kind and fun hosts in Los Angeles. I conducted the event similarly to the original one created by Frz, but obviously with my own flare as well as collaborating with the Bart Kresa team, Peter incorporating his collection of lamps.

I also invited every attendee to sit down and lay out a quad onto one of the boxes. I find it odd how people tend to want to just ask questions about the technology. But when you offer them to actually play with it, they get really timid. Hopefully this broke down the barrier and gave them a chance to feel the UI.

If you are really itching to get a little hands on experience with it, then the most I can do is, if you come to Berlin, let me know and I can arrange for a personal demonstration and brief hands on. Besides a short upcoming trip to Vienna I will be staying Berlin as much as I can in the coming year.

VJ Tourna Budapest 2010

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VJ Torna Brazil this summer. Now back to Budapest for the mothercity of this event. Our last time in Budapest was for the 2008 edition of the VJ Tourna. It was probably one of the biggest revelations for us that year. It was our first exposure to great things like the Netherlands based Pips:Lab, a hands on experience with TagTool, and more centrally, the overall high level of quality of VJ’ing that was made possible by the VJ tournament. And what is a proper festival without some workshops?

Here is a full description of the workshops…

<< start >>

What: Modul8 workshop with Ilan Katin
When: Monday, October 18th from 14h00 to 18h00

– Introduction the Modul8 basics
– Introdcution to modules
– Modul8 for basic video mapping
– Performing with Modul8 using MIDI controllers

The next item is very exciting for all your mapping (the technique) and Modul8 enthusiasts out there. It also sort of a thank you to VJ Tourna in giving back some of the inspirations we had experienced with our visit in 2008.

Mapping workshop

Tuesday, October 19th from 18h00 to 20h00

Fançois  Wunschel from 1024architecture and Boris Edelstein from Team Modul8 will do a workshop together presenting an alpha version of a mapping tool that can run hand in hand with Modul8 or Quartz Composer. The workshop will take place on the 20th with an option to do another on the 21st if there is further interest of attendees.

What: Advanced Modul8 Workshop with Boris Edelstein
When: Tuesday, October 20th from 14h00 to 18h00

– Introduction to the module creation system
– Building modules
– Using DMX

<< end >>

For the record, this tool is not available yet. We do not have a specific deadline for its release. Further details will be provided as we move forward with the development. As it is in an Alpha state we will not be providing it for testing yet. We have yet to determine when a beta will be released and wether it will be public or only for people using Modul8.

If you will be in Budapest I highly recommend dropping by. For extensive information about VJ Tourna please refer to the festival website.